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30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 630
JavaScript course and certification
195 Learners

About this Course
This course is designed to provide a solid introduction to the JavaScript language. We will explore the more unique and tricky JavaScript features such as closures, higher-order functions, and prototype object oriented model that perhaps are not familiar to many students who are familiar with Java and Python as their primary languages. we will also introduce how JavaScript is used as a popular technology for both for frontend and backend web applications.


Course Details & Curriculum

Week 1: Basics

Week 2: Functional programming

Week 3: Object oriented programming

Week 4: Client-side applications

Week 5: Server-side applications

Week 6: Design patterns and Idioms

Week 7: Popular frameworks

Full Stack MERN Developer

course completion of ReactJs,NodeJS,ExpressJS,MonogoDB

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