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30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 560
MongoDB course and certification
218 Learners

About this Course
MongoDB is the NoSQL database.We can store the data in the form of documents, retireve later and use.This database particuraly used to create a real-time applications and this is a light weight database,Which is easy and interesting for learning.


Course Details & Curriculum

MongoDB Syllabus


Introduction to NoSQL Architecture with MongoDB

                     What Is MongoDB?

                     Installation and Configuration

                     MongoDB Advantages

                     MongoDB Data Modelling

                     MongoDB Tools, Collection and Documents


CRUD and the MongoDB Shell

                     Introduction to CRUD

                     Introduction to the MongoDB API

                     Creating a Database, Collection and Documents


Data Modelling and Schema Design

                     MongoDB Database References

                     Model Tree Structures

                     MongoDB Analyzing Queries

                     MongoDB Atomic Operations

                     MongoDB Map Reduce

                     MongoDB Text Search

                     MongoDB Regular Expression

                     MongoDB Capped Collections



                     MongoDB Deployment and Cluster setup

                     MongoDB GridFS

                     Trident Spout

                     Working with Replica Sets

                     MongoDB Sharding

                     MongoDB Create Backup



                     Indexing and Aggregation

                     Indexing, query profiling and the query optimizer

                     Geospatial Indexes

                     Index types, Index Properties

                     MongoDB Advanced Indexing

                     MongoDB Indexing Limitations

                     Aggregation Introduction



·       Replication Concept

·       Failover & Recovery

Full Stack MERN Developer

Completion of Three months course on MongoDB,ReactJS,ExpressJS,NodeJS

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