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Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c R2 Virtualizing Systems

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c R2 Virtualizing Systems course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course

The Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Virtualizing Systems course describes using Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center to manage Oracle VM Server for SPARC implementations, and provides hands on practices that augment your understanding of this virtualization technology.

Course Objective

  • Describe virtualization capabilities in Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c
  • Prepare a lab environment for OVMSS virtualization activities
  • Create and manage storage libraries used to support OVMSS implementations
  • Create and manage OVMSS servers, guests, and server pools
  • Migrate OVMSS guests
  • Build network infrastructures to support OVMSS clouds
  • Create and use OVMSS clouds
  • Manage I/O Domains
  • Manage root domains
  • Work with SR-IOV and Server pools
Target Audience

  • Administrator
  • End User
  • Systems Administrator

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c R2 Virtualizing Systems

Course Details & Curriculum
  • Enterprise Manager Ops Center Virtualization Overview
    • About Virtualization and Hypervisors
    • Oracle Virtualization
    • Benefits of Virtualization in Enterprise Manager Ops Center
    • Supported Virtualization Technologies in Enterprise Manager Ops Center
    • Hardware for OVMSS
    • OVMSS Architecture
  • Preparing the Lab Environment
    • Enterprise Manager Ops Center Installation Overview
    • Preparing the Lab Environment, Gathering Required Information
    • Performing Preinstallation Checks
    • Installing Enterprise Manager Ops Center Software
    • Configuring the Enterprise Controller in Disconnected Mode
    • Creating a Discovery Profile for ILOM Service Processors
    • Discovering and Managing Service Processors Using the Add Assets Action
    • Creating a New Local Software Library
  • Managing Storage Libraries
    • Storage Library Overview
    • Creating a NAS Storage Library
    • Loading Images into a NAS Storage Library
    • Creating a SAN Storage Library
    • Adding LUNs to a SAN Storage Library
    • Associating a SAN Storage Library
    • Editing Library Attributes
  • Managing OVMSS Servers
    • About Oracle VM Server for SPARC
    • OVMSS Control Domain Provisioning
    • OVMSS Server Management
  • Managing OVMSS Guest
    • OVMSS Guest Management
    • Creating a Logical Domain Profile
    • Creating an OS Provisioning Profile
    • Creating a Deployment Plan
    • Verifying and Associating Storage Libraries
    • Creating and Provisioning Logical Domains
    • Guest Management and Monitoring
  • Creating and Managing Server Pools
    • About Server Pools
    • Creating a Server Pool
    • Server Pool Management
    • Creating Guests in a Server Pool
    • OVMSS Guest Management Actions
  • Migrating OVMSS Guests
    • Migrating Guests in Server Pools
    • Configuring Load Balancing for Server Pools
    • Manually Load Balancing Server Pools
  • Working with Networks
    • Enterprise Manager Ops Center Clouds
    • Steps for Implementing Static Private vNets and Public vNets in Clouds
    • Plumbing Networks Manually
    • Enabling DHCP on Proxy Controllers
    • Defining Managed IP Ranges on Networks
    • Assigning Networks to Server Pools
    • Creating Network Domains
    • Associating Network Domains with Server Pools
  • Creating OVMSS Clouds
    • Tasks for Cloud Administrators and Cloud Users
    • Creating Virtual Data Centers
    • Creating Accounts
    • Creating Server Templates
    • Creating Private vNets
    • Allocating Public or Private IP Addresses
  • Creating vServers
    • Overview
    • Procedure
  • Creating I/O Domains
    • About I/O Domains
    • Creating I/O Domains with PCIe Endpoint Devices
    • Creating Root Domains
    • Attaching Networks (Non-SR-IOV)
    • Creating I/O Domains with Virtual Functions
    • Working with Server Pools
  • Creating Root Domains
  • Working on SR-IOV and Server Pools

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