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Salesforce Social Studio

20 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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Salesforce Social Studio course and certification
98 Learners

About this Course

The Salesforce social studio online course refers to all-in-one social media and marketing solution which is used to administer the marketing strategy across various social media channels. The Salesforce social studio online course intention is to populate your business traffic and get connected to the social media through marketing, sales organizations, customer service and interactions.

Salesforce Social Studio tool by Salesforce provides one place to organize your social teams, plan and publish your content, engage with your customers, and analyse conversations occurring on social media.

Uplatz offers comprehensive and hands-on training on Salesforce Social Studio application.

Key Features

·       Organize teams and collaborate via workplaces
·       Create, edit, and manage posts published to social accounts
·       Interact directly with advocates, customers and detractors via post-level actions on your social accounts
·       Build Topic Profiles that allow you to analyse what is being said on over a billion sources on the web
·       Measure content performance and gain insights across the team

Give an edge to your career with Salesforce certification training courses provided by Uplatz.


Course Objective

The Salesforce Social Studio training is intended for the individuals who seek to implement their knowledge, skills and expand their career in social media platform with the help of social studio components. The dedicated mentors make sure the learners to cover all topics under Salesforce social studio course curriculum which will be useful for their career growth. Uplatz offers comprehensive salesforce social studio training to become a skilled marketing cloud social specialist.

Course Description

Salesforce Social Studio course program will let the participants gain complete proficiency in social media communications through methodologies.

The Salesforce Social Studio online course is ideally developed for content marketers, marketing professionals, digital marketeers who seek to build a lucrative career in the marketing domain. 

In the Salesforce Social Studio online course, Uplatz provides an in-depth training for the participants or learners to make them understand that the social studio technology is an one-stop package solution which allows the learners to create, manage, schedule and monitor the posts. The Social studio technology assures to offer real-time publishing platform especially for content marketing. The Social studio technology is completely personalized platform which collaborates with a team to analyse the channel and content performance. 

The Social studio technology is useful in analysing current market trends and suggest content ideas in order to populate the business traffic.

With the help of Social Studio online course, the learners can:

  • Create, and modify workspaces to organize the workspaces by business function across the globe.

  • Make use of the workspaces to promote teamwork for marketing campaigns, content creation and posting across social media.

  • Make use of the workspace calendars to create and preview the full content with full preview feature. 

  • Draft the content and schedule social content suitable for social networks using intelligent social network-centric platform.

  • Promote the tailored content using facebook ads from the social studio suite and collaborate with social.com ad campaigns.


Uplatz Social Studio training will ensure the learners to gain experience in the social media platform, social studio components which includes post creation, management, analytics and reporting. 

Uplatz provides an in-depth training to the learners to accelerate their knowledge and skill set required for marketing cloud social specialist job.



Target Audience

The Salesforce social studio course is intended for the below mentioned target audience, still if you are a newbie and want to make a career as social specialist in social media platform using social studio application then the salesforce social studio course is the best option you can choose.

  • Marketing professionals

  • Digital Marketers

  • Business Analysts

  • Professionals who want to build their career in digital marketing domain.





Salesforce Social Studio

Course Details & Curriculum

1)      Overview
·       Publish, Engage and Analyze
·       User Roles and Settings
·       Social Accounts
·       Workspaces 

2)      Publish
·       Calendar
·       Post Creation
·       Approval Rules 

3)      Engage
·       Tab Creation
·       Workflows
·       Post Activities
·       Reporting 

4)      Analyze
·       Dashboard Creation
·       Topic Profiles
·       Social Summary
·       Dashboards via Mobile Devices


Career Path

The marketing cloud social specialist certification course with the help of expert professionals training is recognized across the globe. Because of the increased adoption of the social studio technology in various business organizations the participants are able to find the job opportunity easily. The leading companies hire marketing cloud social specialist to administer the social studio accounts merged with social media platforms, marketing cloud and implement the social media best practices to boost up the business.  The marketing cloud social specialist can pursue a wide range of career paths.

The following are the job titles:

  • Social media manager

  • Social Content Specialist

  • Social Media Specialist

  • Salesforce marketer

  • Digital Marketing specialist

  • Social media co-ordinator


Job Prospects

The marketing cloud social specialist draws an average salary of $75,000 per year depending on the knowledge and hands-on experience. The marketing cloud social specialist job roles are in high demand and make a rewarding career.


Interview Questions

  1. Define Social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a practice that comprises of using social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, blogs and other sources to promote products to increase traffic and gain customers.

  1. What is the benefit of using social media in a business?

The social media benefits businesses in varied ways. Most importantly, it is useful in getting connected with the customers or consumer advancing the organizations functionality.

  1. What is the key strategy used by digital marketer?

The digital marketers use authenticity as the key. Depending on the loyal attitude the consumers or customers increase their trust towards an organization.

  1. Which social media platform is the best for any business?

The business owners need to decide the social media platforms based on the type of the business such as B2B or B2C. Depending on the variation of the business, the social media platform need to be adopted.

  1. Explain social media calendar?

The social media calendar is a tool that allows the users to plan, manage and schedule your entire curated social content in prior.

  1. List out the top metrics for digital marketing teams?

  • Brand awareness

  • Customer relationship management

  • Marketing expenditure

  • Customer acquisition cost

  • Customer Retention

  • Sales net promotion score

  • Total amount of content posted

  • Monthly recurring revenue

  • Conversion rate

  • Traffic popularity

  1. What are the techniques used to measure the social media campaign quality?

There are five easy steps to measure the social media campaign:

  • Decide the social media channel

  • Form metrics to assess the goals

  • Measure the metrics using analytics tools

  • Download the report from the analytics tool

  1. Mention the different content sections?

The user can create different types of content in the marketing cloud’s content builder option.

  • Text

  • Image

  • Button

  • HTML

  • Dynamic content blocks

  1. List out the various email sending options in SFMC?

There are few options to send email through SFMC to increase user adoption:

  • Single Email Send

  • User-Initiated Send

  • Triggered email send

  1. What is the purpose of dynamic email?

The dynamic email option allows the user to create a dynamic content in an email to show information based on the target audience, subscriber attributes.

  1. Explain Delivery Profile?

The delivery profile allows the user to specify an IP address and choose header, footer which is used for sending purpose. 


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