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48 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 980
SAP BI course and certification
78 Learners

About this Course


Course Details & Curriculum
I have 7+ Years of experience in SAP BI . I work for different projects and companies. I am giving training to the students at my home itself. And can make arrangement as well, Already students got coaching from me and some are working in large SAP... more I have 3+ Years of experience in SAP BI. Time which suits you, normally duration of course weekdays Mon-Friday 15 days , and weekend 8 weeks, but I want my students fully trained so there is no deadline of a course, all course material and certification based question will be provided. I will provide full hands on practice and certification based training, home tuition will provide enough time to students to understand basic concept of SAP BI. Course Highlight is full SAP Training, certification and interview preparation

Course details
Full hands on training will be provided
Certification preparation
Interview preparation
System login
Week days (2 week)
Weekends (8 weekends)

Course Content



BI Overview

•Data warehousing/ BW/ BI Introduction

•Master data: Attributes, Texts, and Hierarchies

•SAP and BI standard naming conventions


Data Modelling

•InfoObjects: Definition

•Types: Characteristics, Key Figures, Time, Unit

•InfoCubes: Definition

•Types: Standard, real time, remote

•Design: Star Schema concepts

•DataStore objects (DSO):

•Types: Standard, Real time


•MultiProviders creation

•Infocube VS DSO


 Metadata and Document Management

•BI Content definition

•Installing BI content


 Defining extraction

•SAP source systems: Create generic data source

•Files: Create data sources for File Source Systems




Define Transformations


Define data flow

•Date transfer process creation

•Process chain creation


Understanding Planned Working

•Check process chain runs

•Monitor for extraction and data transfer processes


 Performance optimization

•Create the first aggregate for an InfoCube

•The BIA Index Maintenance Wizard


User Management

• Standard authorizations

•Analysis authorizations definition



•Move objects from one system to another


BI SUITE: Business Explorer


BEx Query Designer

•Create and design new queries

•Component Properties

•Create reusable structures

•BW Server Functions: Copy queries between Cubes, delete elements


Web Application Designer

•WAD: Functions; Web Items, Template and Properties Window

•Web Applications: Settings, Stylesheets, Symbols and Properties

•Design: Layout of Templates, working with Library

•Web Items and attributes


Activities – BEx

•BEx Analyzer

•BEx Web Application Designer

•BEx Report Designer


BI Platform


Information Broadcasting

•Broadcaster functions: Precalculating and Exporting into Enterprise Portal

•User Guide



•OLAP v OLTP: Concepts and differences

•OLAP Functions

•MetaData Repository: Searching for MetaData



•SEM-BPS: Planning Overview

•BPS component architecture

•Planning Models

•Characteristic relationships, Variables.

•Data Slice

•Web Interface and Planning Folders.



•Data Model for Performance

•BW Statistics: Tools and Tables

•Effective query design




•Data Load Performance


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