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sap fico consultant

35 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 280
sap fico consultant course and certification
78 Learners

About this Course

sap fico consultant

Course Details & Curriculum
Fundamentals of SAP
Introduction to SAP
Role of a consultant
ASAP RoadMap
System Architecture
Basic settings
·         Define Company
·         Company code
·         Business Area
·         Fiscal year variant
·         Posting Period Variant
·         Field Status Variant
·         Document Types and Number Ranges.
General Ledger (GL)
·         Chart of accounts
·         Account Groups
·         Define Retained Earning Account
·         GL Master Creation
·         Blocking / Un Blocking of a GL Account
·         Delete gl account
·     Tolerance Group for Employees and GL A/C’S.
·      Document splitting settings
·      controlling area definition
Company code global parameters
End user Area
·         G/L Document Posting ( FB50 and F-02)
·         Holding a document
·         Parking a Document
·         Display Balance 
·         Display of the line items 
·         Reference Document: 
                                   i.      Sample Document
                                   ii.      Recurring document
·         Document Reversal 
a.        Normal Reversal 
b.       Mass Reversal 
·         Currency translation
Accounts Payable
·   Vendor Account Groups
·   No. Range Creation & Assignment
·   Assign no range to vendor account group
·   Vendor Master Data
·   Invoice Posting
·   Parking & holding
·   Balance Display
                                                         i.      FBL1N
                                                       ii.      FK10N
·   Reference documents
                                       i.      Recurring document
                                       ii.      Sample document
·   Payment Posting
·         Manual Open Item clearing
                                  i.      Full Clearing 
                                  ii.      Partial Clearing 
                                  iii.      Residual Clearing 
·         Document Reversal
                                  iv.      Individual reversal
                                  v.      Reset cleared item
                                  vi.      Mass Reversal
·   Automatic Payment Program
·         House Banks:
                   i.      House Banks Master Data
                   ii.      Bank Account Creation
                   iii.      Check Details Creation
·   Down Payment Posting
·   Cash discount received
·   Settlement between customer & vendor
Accounts Receivable
·         Customer Account Groups
·         No. Range Creation & Assignment
·         Customer Master Data
·         AR-Invoice
·         Parking & holding
·         Balance Display
·         Incoming Payment  ·        
·         Dunning Program                
·         Bills of exchange
Asset Management (Asset Accounting) (5)
Creation of controling Area and assignment
Basic settings
Cost element accounting
Cost Center Accounting: 
Profit Center Accounting   
Profitability Analysis overview Product Costing overview  
Internal orders Integration with MM & SD    

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