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SAP BPC The Best Learning Process

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
Save 50% Offer ends on 30-Jun-2024
SAP BPC The Best Learning Process course and certification

About this Course

SAP BPC The Best Learning Process

Course Details & Curriculum

SAP BPC The Best Learning Process

The SAP application of business planning and consolidation can help in unifying and streamlining different procedures related to planning, budgeting and forecasting. This can help in improving the budget cycle times and increasing financial standards of an organization. In order to gain valuable insight into the core area of BPC, it is time to enroll into some course of SAP Bpc. There are several basic and advanced things that you will learn in the process that will help you to gain valuable insight into the entire system.

1.BPC Overview
 Overview and Roadmap
 SAP BPC Functionalities

2.BPC Architecture
 Architeture Overview
 Comparision of SAP BPC Varisous Versions 7.5 NW and 10.0 NW
 Components of SAP BPC
 How does SAP BPC Objects interact with SAP BI/ABAP/EPM Add-in

3.SAP BPC Administration
 Admin Client
 Environment Management
 Application management
 Dimension managemt
 Dimension Members
 Dimension properties
 b.Excel Clients & Web Clients
 Reports and Input schedule Management
 Creating EPM and Local Connetions
 Other EPM activities
 Managing Web Client

4.SAP BPC Modelling
 Modelling Aspects of EPM
 Environment & Applications
 Dimensions & Properties

5.SAP EPM-BW Integration
 Difference between BPC and BI models
 BPC Bi Objects
 Data Validation
 Retraction & APD
 Open hub Destination

6.Data Manager Packages and Process Chains
 Data Manager Packages
 Data Manager Package Links
 Managing Data Loads
 Transformation and Conversion Files
 Running and Scheduling of Packages
7.Transports management and EPM File Structure
 Trasnport Management

8.EPM Add-in & reporting
 Excel for BPC
 EPM Report layout
 EPM Functions
 EPM Report Options

9.Script Logic and BADI
 Purpose of Script Logic
 Various Usage and Functions of Script Logic
 Working With Script Logic
 BADI Writing and Purposes

 User Management
 Team Managemen
 Task Profile management
 Data Access Profiles
 EPM and BI Security and Authorisations

11.BPF, Work Status, UJ_Validation, Managing Comments
 WorkStatus, UJ_Validation
 BPF, Comments

12.Consolidation Framework
 Legal Consolidation Requirements
 Business Rules and Script Logic
 Models and Dimensions

13.Consolidation Monitor & Controls
 Consolidation Monitor & Controls

 Journal Template
 Journal Operations

15.Ownership Manager
 Ownership Manager interface
 Ownership Hierarchy

16.Business Rules,Methods and Consolidation



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