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SAP BPC Training

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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SAP BPC Training course and certification
304 Learners

About this Course

SAP BPC stands for Business Planning and Consolidation. SAP BPC is one of the most demanding SAP training modules because it deals with most important attributes of any business such as financial planning and consolidation, budgeting, forecasting so that organisations can get maximum profit and their processes can run smoothly. In simple words, SAP BPC has everything in a single package.

BPC is an important module under SAP EPM portfolio and is integrated on a unified platform for financial processes. BPC supports business planning, consolidation, and financial reporting. SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation) is a corporate performance management tool that can help automate and streamline corporate planning and consolidation activities for shorter budget cycles, a faster close, and improved regulatory compliance.  SAP BPC is one such tool that can be utilised for planning and consolidation for a wide range of processes. This is a fully robust and multiple user platform which is integrated with Microsoft excel. This application helps in maintaining the tack of a company's progress through it budgeting and forecasting process. It also runs on different platforms like Microsoft and SAP NetWeaver making it much more easier to use.

The SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation) application provides planning, budgeting, forecasting and financial association abilities to an organization, using which you can easily regulate the plans and forecasts, quickens the budget and closing cycles, and confirms the compliance with financial reporting standards. SAP BPC 10.0 offers a single vision about the financial and operational data. It is an integrated solution that provides support for performance management processes. SAP BPC provides built-in functionalities for budgeting, reporting, strategic planning and forecasting. SAP BPC includes two platforms - SAP BPC MS (Microsoft Platform) and SAP BPC NW (NetWeaver Platform). Both of the modules contain about 80% of similar functionality, but have some difference in the back-end. Each platform has two versions. They are:

1) SAP BPC MS (Microsoft Platform) – SAP BPC 7.5 MS and SAP EPM 10
2) SAP BPC NW (NetWeaver Platform) – SAP BPC 7.5 NW and SAP BPC 10 NW

Similar to other SAP modules, SAP BPC module also holds master and transaction data. IT is basically divided into two components one - Administration and Reporting. SAP BPC helps in the management of all business operational and financial planning process of any organisation. It allows the management and users to take better decisions which helps to increase their profit and decreases the chances of loss.

Uplatz offers this extensive training on SAP BPC module covering all topics in great detail and providing practical examples and demonstration of concepts. After successful completion of the SAP BPC course you will be able to create and adjust business plans and budgets to speedup organisation growth. If you are heading towards SAP BPC certification, it will be beneficial for you to get hands-on practical based SAP BPC training.

Uplatz is a top rated SAP BPC online training provider, our SAP BPC course curriculum has been designed and delivered by highly experienced SAP BPC certified consultants so that our students understand the core concepts of SAP BPC and apply this learned knowledge to development of BPC projects. After successful completion of this SAP BPC training you will be able to qualify SAP BPC Certification Exam to prove your Business Consulting Knowledge and skills in the area of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation.

It is an instructor-led online course with lifetime access to session recordings, tutor-notes, practice on the server, preparation for SAP BPC certification, and access to Uplatz Training Hub.


Course Objectives

SAP Business Planning & Consolidation is one of the most important modules in SAP. SAP BPC consolidation is used to support all operational & finance related activities in an organization. It automates & streamlines business forecast, planning & consolidation activities in an organization.

There are some course objectives of SAP BPC training Course:

·       To explain the core concepts of SAP BPC
·       Use business process flows for planning
·       SAP BPC Overview, architecture& application configuration
·       To create your own BPC models
·       Working with BPC for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
·       To report in a commercial environment
·       Application data, logic & development management
·       Advanced reporting techniques, allocations, execution & logic elements
·       System maintenance, tuning, & monitoring


Target Audience

1. Who is looking for a career in EPM tools
2. Who is a SAP BW or SAP FICO consultant and want to enhance their career in SAP BPC
3. Who is working in Finance/Accounting Domain (CPA, CMA, MBA Fin) and want to get into SAP


Why get certified in SAP BPC?

1. In order to run a business successfully for an organization it required to have the important attributes such as financial planning, budgeting and forecasting. SAP BPC provide all these attributes in a single package
2. It offers you a unified planning and consolidation in one product
3. SAP BPC helps to define the financial goal and operational plans with strategic objectives
4. SAP BPC helps to reduce the budget cycle time
5. SAP BPC helps Business users to manage processes, models & reports with little IT dependence


Did You Know

·       Salary Fact: Average salary for SAP BPC Consultant: $87,375 per year (source: indeed.com)
·       Growth: SAP BPC has a market share of around 25.4% (Source: Gartner)
·       Job Opportunity: SAP BPC generates approximately20,000 - 40,000 jobs every year
·       Market Share: Used by top industries across various business Verticals. Ex: Aetna, Biogen Idec, Centene, Exelon, HCA, etc.


SAP BPC Training

Course Details & Curriculum

1 Overview of Enterprise Performance Management

1.1 EPM Solutions and the Software tools

1.2 Introduction to Concepts in Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting and Consolidation

1.3 Introduction to Scenario Based Planing


2 Overview of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

2.1 SAP BPC: Business User-Owned and managed

2.2 Unified Planning and Consolidation

2.3 SAP BPC for Netweaver Architecture

2.4 Introduction to SAP Netweaver BW Objects

2.5 Introduction to SAP BPC Objects


3 Designing a Model with SAP BPC

3.1 Case Study

3.2 Designing the Data Model in SAP Netweaver BW

3.3 Building the Model in SAP BPC

3.3.1 Environment Management

3.3.2 Dimension Management

3.3.3 Designing Models

3.3.4 Designing Security Model

3.4 Consulting Issues


4 Loading, Scheduling and Managing Data in SAP BPC

4.1 Loading Data from Source system to cube in SAP Netweaver BW

4.2 Loading Data from SAP Netwearver BW to SAP BPC

4.2.1 Creation of Transformation and Conversion File

4.2.2 Data Manager packages

4.2.3 Process Chains

4.2.4 Loading Master data from flat file into a dimension

4.2.5 Loading Master data from InfoObject into a dimension

4.2.6 Loading Hierarchy from an InfoObject into BPC dimension

4.2.7 Loading transaction Data from an Infocube into SAP BPC Model

4.2.8 Copying Data inside BPC Model

Consulting Issues


5 Reporting, Planning and Analysis in SAP BPC

5.1 Reporting and Analysis in SAP BPC

5.1.1 Introduction to SAP EPM Add-In interface for Excel

5.1.2 Creating Reports

5.1.3 Developing reports using dynamic templates

5.1.4 Developing reports using EPM Functions

5.1.5 Developing reports using EPM RetrieveData Functions

5.1.6 Develping Rolling Forecast reprot


C_EPMBPC_11 (SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 and 11.0)

After SAP BPC course you are advised to appear and qualify the SAP BPC Certification Exam to boost your market value.

Exam Code: C_EPMBPC_11

SAP BPC Course module has two levels of examination:

1. Associate (Fresher)

Exam Duration: 180 Minutes

Total Questions: 80

Types of Questions: MCQ, multiple response matching questions and answers

2. Professional (Experienced)

Exam Duration: 180 Minutes

Total Questions: 80

Types of Questions: MCQ, multiple response, scenario based and matching questions and answers.


Career Path

SAP BPC trained & certified candidates have following job opportunities:

1.      SAP BPC Consultant
2.      SAP BPC User
3.      SAP BPC project manager
4.      SAP BPC Analyst
5.      SAP BPC Operation Manager


Job Prospects

The average salary ranges from approx. £62,889 per year for SAP BPC Consultant to £145,473 per year for SAP BPC Lead/Manager.
There are currently 60,000+ open SAP BPC jobs in UK ranging from BPC end-users to consultants to managers.


Demo Sessions
Will this course help me clear the certification exam? +
What do you understand by SAP EPM? +
Name the two versions of SAP BPC +
What is SAP BPC? +
What are Functional Journals in SAP BPC? +
What is SAP BPC Certification exam code? +
What are the main components of BPC architecture? +
What is the use of Reporting Model? +
What is the duration of online SAP BPC Training? +
Which is better - Self-paced training or Instructor-led training? +
Who are the trainers? +
What if I miss a class? +
How will I execute the practical? +
Is the course material accessible after completion of the course? +
Is there any offer/discount that I can avail? +
Will I get a refund if I cancel my enrollment? +
What if I have queries after completion of the course? +

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