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SAP CPI (Cloud Platform Integration)

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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SAP CPI (Cloud Platform Integration) course and certification

About this Course
SAP CPI Course Details

SAP CPI (Cloud Platform Integration)

Course Details & Curriculum

1. Introduction to SAP Cloud Platform Integration

  a) Explore the SAP Cloud strategy

  b) Explain the positioning of SAP Cloud Platform Integration in the SAP


2. Cloud strategy

  a) Explain the positioning within the Application Integration and Infrastructure

  b) Perform a classification according to ISA-M

  c) Explore use cases


3. Product Overview

  a) Explain the integration Platform-As-A-Service

  b) Explain the architecture

  c) Get an overview about integration capabilities

  d) Explain connectivity and converter options

  e) Use development tools


4. Basic Building Blocks of an Integration Scenario

  a) Explain the main phases of an integration project

  b) Explore the elements of an integration flow

  c) Use SAP Cloud Platform Integration, integration patterns


5. Twitter Basic Scenario, Foundation

  a) Explore the complete sample process

  b) Configure inbound communication

  c) Configure outbound communication

  d) Use events

  e) Use persistence


6. Twitter Basic Scenario, Advanced

  a) Use calls in an advanced integration scenario

  b) Explain the camel message model

  c) Manipulate the message with message transformers

  d) Explain message converters

  e) Use mappings

  f) Use XST mappings


7. Twitter Scenario, Extended

  a) Define message routers

  b) Explain scripting in message processing

  c) Define additional components

  d) Specify the runtime configuration


8. Concepts of Secure Communication

  a) Explain secure communication

  b) Explore concepts of secure communication

  c) Explain security elements related to the mail adapter

  d) Explain the relation of security artifacts to integration flow configuration


9. Other Security Aspects

  a) Explain the technical landscape

  b) Explain data storage security

  c) Perform user management for cloud integration

  d) Add members to an account


10. Operations and Monitoring

  a) Explain the operating model

  b) Explain web-based monitoring

  c) Explain APIs for monitoring


11. Additional Topics

  a) Perform the complete neverbounce process

  b) Explain content transport

  c) Explain B2B support

  d) Design cloud integration content for SAP Process Orchestration 7.5 SP10

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