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35 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 280
SAP PP  course and certification
5 Learners

About this Course

SAP PP  has huge scope in getting placements,and competition will be less, hence once you learn this course from me you will click in interview withing 5 attemts, I will teaching topic wise with respect to your understanding levels with reak time scenarios,

I have 16 years domian and 10 years SAP experience and working as leading consultant and in my free time I am giving this kowledge to each individuals who want to make their Carreer in SAP PP

Before joing please attend my free demo and take decesion


Course Details & Curriculum

                                      SAP PP


·        Overview of ERP

 ·        About SAP

·         SAP Hierarchy Structure


1.0 Organization structure For Production planning Module

1.   Company

1.1 Company Code

1.2 .Plants

2.0   Master data in Production planning Module

2.1      Material Master

2.1.0   Finished Product

2.1.1   Semi Finished Product

2.1.2   Raw Material

2.2      Bill of Material

2.3      Work center

2.4      Routing

2.5      Production version

3.0   Demand Planning 

3.1      Planning strategies 40

3.2      Planned independent Requirements

3.2.1   Production orders Execution  Procesess

3.2.2      Requirements

3.2.3      MRP

3.2.4      Planned order conversion to Production order

3.25     Assignment of Settlement Rule

3.2.6      Release of Production Order

3.2.7      Confirmation

3.2.8      Goods issue

3.2.9      Goods Receipt

3.2.10      Delivery Complete

3.2.11    Technically completion Of Production order

3.2.12    Variance Calculations By FI CO

3.2.13    Settlement Of order  By FI CO

3.2.14    Close Of Production Order


4.0 Forecast based planning

4.1 Material activation for forecast view

4.2Maintaining of consumption values

4.3Execute for planning for future period

4.4Requirements in Md04

4.5 MRP run to get Purchase requisitions and planned orders

5.0 Factory calendar creation  

5.1 Defining public holiday

5.2 Defining public holiday Calendar

5.3 Defining Factory calendar and assigning in plant.

6.1 Consumption based Planning

6.2 Maintaining safety stock in material master

6.2.2 Issue or consume stock

6.2.3 MRP RUN

6.2.4 Creation of purchase requisitions

7.0   Different Production Process widely used in industries

7.1   Consumption based planning  next 

7.2   Customer Specific Requirements STRATEGY 20    50% course completed

7.3    Discrete manufacturing

7.4    Reptative Manufacturing

7.5   Sales Operational Planning

7.6    Serial number Profile

7.7    Variant Configuration

7.2    Customer Specific Requirements STRATEGY 20 

7.2.1 Creation of Materail master with sales views

7.2.2  Creation of sales order

7.2.3  Run MRP to get sales order number  for assembly and raw materials

7.2.4  Creation of Production order through sales order

7.2.5 Procurement of BOM components as special stock

7.2.6 Difference between unrestricted stock and specific stock

7.2.7 Confirmation and issue of specific stock

7.3     Discrete Manufacturing Process

7.3.1   Master data

7.3.2   Production order creation5.1.3   Release of Production Order

7.3.3   Confirmation

7.3.4   Goods issue

7.3.5   Goods Receipt

7.3.6   Delivery Complete

7.3.7   Technically completion Of Production order

7.3.8   Variance Calculations By Fico

7.3.9 Settlement Of order  By Fico

7.3.10 Close Of Production Order


7.4    Repetitive Manufacturing Process

7.4.1  Master data

7.4.2  Production version

7.4.3  Cost Estimate

7.4.4  Production cost collector

7.4.5  Preliminary cost estimate

7.4.6  Back Flush

7.4.7 GI GR Postings

7.4.8 Variances calculations

7.4.9 Settlement


7.5   Sales and Operational Planning – SOP

7.5.1        Standard Planning (with standard so76 info structure)

7.5.2         Planning with the Product Groups

7.5.3         Planning with the Materials

7.5.4         Product Group Aggregation and Desegregation

7.5.5        Creation of Plan and version management

7.5.6        Transfer of Plan to Demand Management

7.5.7         MRP run to get planned orders



7.6 Serial number in Production planning

7.6.1 Serial number Profile

7.6.2  Master data Set up

7.6.3 Serial number creation

7.6.4 Assignment of serial number

7.6.5 Production order confirmation

7.6.6 Goods Receipt with respect to Serial number. 

7.7 Variant Configuration

7.7.1 Overview

7.7.2creation of characteristics

7.7.3 . Maintain BOM

7.7.4 Maintain required table data

7.7.5 Setting a variant material

8.0   Goods Movement in PP   (Integration with MM)

8.1   Goods Receipt   w ref .to Production Order

 8.2   Goods Issue w ref to Production Order

8.3 Goods Receipt Reversal   w ref to Production Order

8.4 Goods Issue Reversal   w ref to Production Order


9.0 Required Configuration steps in PP

9.1 Define MRP controllers

9.2 Define Parameters

9.3 Define standard value keys

9.4 Define Control keys

9.5 Order types and dependant parameters




10.1. Overview of Various steps involved in SAP IMPLEMENTAION

10.2 Sample project work with respect to PP Module.



Integration of PP with other modules






Career Path

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