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Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Diploma Course Price: USD 980

Duration :   200 hours

Courses included
SAP Finance
Accounts Receivable in SAP
Asset Accounting in SAP
Accounts Payable in SAP


Diploma in Accounting and Finance

An accounting professional is able to record, classify, summarise, interpret and communicate the financial information about a business. Accounting & Finance involves the concepts of money, business and management, with an emphasis on professional careers in these areas. Accounting relates to information analysis for different aspects of a business, while finance solely concerns a business' monetary funds.

Accounting means keeping the detailed record of a specific resource, asset, liability, revenue or expense. It provides data for decision making in any business by tracking of transactions and estimating the economic activities of an organization. Finance means providing funds to a person or an enterprise. It refers to creation, management and study of banking, money, investments, assets and liabilities that make the financial systems.Many aspirants are entering into this ever growing career. A Diploma in Accounting and Finance is the best way to start an early career in Accounts and Finance.

Courses included in Diploma in Accounting and Finance :

1.       Accounts Payable in SAP

2.       Accounts Receivable in SAP

3.       Asset Accounting in SAP

4.       Costing and Cost Accounting

5.       Financial Accounting and Reporting

6.       Indian Accounting Standards

7.       International Accounting Standards

8.       Business Finance and Financial Modeling

9.       SAP FICO

1.   SAP TRM

1.   SAP S/4HANA Finance


Benefits and Objectives:

After completing the course, Diploma in Accounting and Finance candidates will get jobs in roles like Book-Keeping Clerk, Billing Clerk, Tax Accountant, Financial Advisors, Financial Assistant & Accountant, Business Consultant, Chief Financial Officer, Certified Public Accountant, Finance Managers, etc.


·         It is for those students who are interested in studying accounts and finance after their 10+2 or equivalent examinations. 

·         This course aims at imparting practical and theoretical knowledge in the particular field of study. 

·         The course lays down the base-level foundation of subjects, which are related to banking and finance and helps them to get a good grasp of this subject in general.

·         The main goal of this course is to make the students employable for different job positions shortly. 

·         The Diploma in Accounting and Finance course makes the student aware of various accounting and financial management policies.

·         It helps them to learn how to use accounting software in business and the usage of different financial services.