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SAP S/4HANA TM (Transportation Management)

Learn how to improve cash flow in transportation, reduce unplanned overcharges, eliminate invoice errors by settling costs accurately & many more.
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SAP S/4HANA TM is the Transportation Management System intended to run all aspects of transportation processes within the company, including transportation planning and optimization, freight tendering and charge management.

SAP S/4HANA TM covers the full array of modes of transport (air, ocean, rail and road) and is designed for both Shippers and Logistics Service Providers. With SAP TM you can increase you business productivity in ways to manage transportation requirements with more efficiency and less redundancy through automation and electronic collaboration – from order entry to settlement.

With SAP TM you can also improve end-to-end visibility and service by Lower spend on expedites and overhead with electronic tracking and tracing, cross-system document flow, freight consolidation, and data-driven rate negotiation.

With the release of S/4HANA 1909 SAP customers have been able to run SAP Transportation Management functionality on the same instance as their ERP solution. In other words, it is no longer necessary to have a separate set of systems/servers/databases for SAP Transportation, as is the case with the classic side-by-side deployment option of SAP TM that we have seen to date.


The main advantages of S/4HANA TM can be summarized as follows:

  • Smaller database and hardware footprint
  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to smaller replication and monitoring effort
  • Enhanced user experience leveraging S/4HANA "look and feel" and Fiori UI
  • Remove the need to duplicate ERP customer, vendor and material master data into business partners and products in TM, thereby removing the need for the Core Interface (CIF). ERP and TM share a single set of harmonized master data objects.
  • Real-time embedded analytics
  • Integration with new S/4HANA Enterprise Management for managing transportation-related equipment


Uplatz provides this detailed SAP TM course you will learn how to improve cash flow for freight transportation, reduce unplanned overcharges and eliminate invoice errors by settling costs accurately and automating accrual generation, auditing, and charge tracking. 

On completion of SAP S/4HANA TM course you will receive a Course Completion Certificate issued by Uplatz.

Course/Topic - SAP S/4HANA TM - all lectures

  • In this first video of the SAP S/4HANA TM course, you will get a brief overview on the course contents, starting with a graphical representation of the whole S/4HANA TM structure, explaining each and every part of it along and the definitions of terminologies related to the HANA TM module.

    • 05:07
  • In this video, you will get a detailed understanding on the Global Supply Chain of the Transportation Management along with the history of Transportation Management and the key benefits of the same.

    • 2:03:36
  • In this video, you will learn about the Organizational Units along with its concepts like Organizational Function, Integration which will be explained by the trainer in the SAP system.

    • 52:02
  • In this video, you will learn about the objectives of the S/4HANA Transportation Management with the Process View and Technical Component, Order Management, Package Building, Transportation Planning, Freight Planning Capabilities, Visual Load Planning and the Driver Management.

    • 47:12
  • In this video, you will learn about the implementation of Logical Systems in the SAP S/4HANA Transportation Management with a detailed explanation of each and every part in the SAP system.

    • 45:44
  • In this session, you will get a detailed understanding of the Personal Object Worklist or commonly abbreviated as POWL along with a diagrammatic explanation of Transportation Management UI on FPM combining app views. Furthermore, you will also learn about the Master Data requirements in SAP TM.

    • 32:18
  • In this video, you will learn about the complete end-to-end work process of the Transportation Management along with the TM Landscape, explaining every component in it. Further, you will also learn about the Software Component of Transportation Management.

    • 38:40
  • : In this video, you will get a complete overview of SAP NetWeaver Business Client with a detailed understanding of each and every part of it. Along with this, you will also learn about the Transportation Management “Search” option and the uses associated with it.

    • 13:09
  • In this video, you will get a detailed understanding on the Transportation Execution along with the TM Freight Costing and the TM Document Flow. You will get a detailed understanding on each of these by the trainer throughout the session.

    • 2:15:53
  • In this session, you will learn the different TM related Master Data with a detailed understanding on Geocoding, Transshipment Location, Transportation zones and Transportation lanes which will be shown by the trainer in the SAP system.

    • 52:47
  • In this video, you will learn about the Mater Data Integration starting with an understanding on the Integration Model, Activation of the Integration Model, defining the Location Type in TM, Business Partner in TM and the Transportation Requests for SAP TM.

    • 2:04:52
  • : This session will teach you on the Incompatibility Validity concept associated with the SAP TM along with the Incompatibility Types, understanding of Integration of SAP EHS with TM, the Incoterm, Segment Scheduling and the Transit Time.

    • 2:11:10
  • In this video, you will learn about the Organizational Management and its complete step-by-step procedure in the SAP system.

    • 48:19
  • In this video, you will learn about some more details related to the S/4HANA TM – its key benefits, the Order Management of TM, the BI Warehouse Content with Transportation Management, the details on the Transportation Management Software Component and the SAP NWBC for Desktop.

    • 39:58
  • In this video, you will get a detailed understanding on the Personal Object Worklist or POWL, along with an overview of TM UI and the Master Data Requirements in SAP TM. You will also learn about the Transportation Resources, the Distance-Duration calculation in TM Master Data requirement, an understanding on the Organization Structure Evaluation and others.

    • 25:44
  • In this video, you will learn the process flow between the Shipper and the Carrier for the Transportation Management. You will also learn about the Shipping Condition and the work process of it along with the Order Management.

    • 58:41
  • : In this video, you will learn about the concept of Freight Unit along with its different parameters, FUBR, the Consolidation and these will be shown by the trainer with every detail in the SAP system.

    • 32:31
  • In this session, the trainer will be seen teaching the Transportation Cockpit and its complete work process in the SAP system.

    • 42:49
  • In this video, you will learn to create a selection profile and working on the Transportation Cockpit which will be shown by the trainer in the SAP system with every detail.

    • 1:02:15
  • Transportation Cockpit Description: In this video, you will learn about the Selection Profile being used in the SAP Transportation Management and how to work on it in the SAP system.

    • 10:56
  • This is a continuation video to Transportation Cockpit where you will learn about the time related selection attributes and planning and how to work on it in the SAP system for the Transportation Management.

    • 28:07
  • In this video, you will learn about the Freight Order Management with its detailed concepts associated with it like Structure of Freight Order, Freight Order Types, Freight Order Type Determination and others which will be shown by the trainer in the SAP system.

    • 40:39
  • In this session, you will learn about the work process of a new Carrier Selection Setting and its implementation in the SAP Transport Management.

    • 28:39
  • In this video, you will learn about the implementation steps associated with the Freight Order Forwarding along with working with the Freight Unit Types in the system.

    • 51:50
  • In this video, you will learn about the concept of Tendering in the Transportation Management module along with other details such as peer-to-peer and freight order with Subcontracting. These will be clearly shown by the trainer in the SAP system.

    • 49:38
  • In this video, you will see the different work processes being used in the Transportation Management with transferring the Carrier and working with the Integration Model.

    • 45:12
  • In this last session on the SAP S/4HANA TM course, you will learn about the concept of Transportation Charge Management along with a detailed explanation on LSP, Business Requirement, Master Data in Charge Management, Scale Base and the details of Scale Template in the SAP system.

    • 51:37
Objectives Back to Top

Become familiar with SAPs TM Transportation Management Product

Understand how SAP TM may be used in your business

Understand the Basics of TM from Master Data to Freight Execution

Knowledge in SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA

Basic understanding of Material Management and Operations

Expertise in Enterprise Management concepts

Hands on experience by working on real time scenarios



Syllabus Back to Top

1. Overview of Transportation Management

  • Transportation Management from a management perspective

  • Understanding Transportation Management

  • Shipper, Freight Forwarder and LSP

  • LTL/FTL/LCL/FCL Scenario’s in Logistics Industry

  • Transportation Management System VS SAP TMS

2. SAP Transportation Management Architecture

  • An overview of the technical architecture of SAP TM and how integration is done

  • Standalone SAP TM

  • Integrated SAP TM (SAP TM- SAP ERP)

  • Transportation Management E2E Cycle

3. SAP Transportation Management Master Data

  • Transportation specific Master Data

  • Master Data of SAP ERP and SAP TM

  • CIF integration used for master data transmission between SAP ERP and SAP TM

  • Organization Master Data

  • General Master Data

  • Transportation Network Master Data

  • Resources Master Data

  • Charges Master Data

  • Dangerous Goods Management

4. SAP Transportation Management Requirement/Order Management

  • Shipper scenarios and forwarder/carrier scenarios to explain the capabilities of the customer order objects

  • Order Based Transportation Request

  • Delivery Based Transportation Request

  • Forwarding order Scenario

5. Transportation Capacity Management

  • Management of freight capacities and schedules is an important aspect of being able to move cargo

  • Carrier Schedules

  • Port Schedules

  • Departure/Destination Rules

6. SAP Transportation Planning (Freight unit and Freight Order Management in Standalone SAP TM)

Transportation planning deals with the activities involved in the assignment of cargo items to vehicles or reserved capacities on trucks, trains, planes, or vessels

6.1 Freight Units Management

   a) Definition

   b) Properties of Freight Unit

   c) Freight unit building rule

6.2 Freight Order Management

   a) Freight Order creation

   b) Freight order Stages

   c) Freight order Control

6.3 Manual Planning

   a) Planning Strategies

   b) Planning Profiles

   c) Transportation Cockpit

6.4 Automatic Planning

   a) Optimization

7. Carrier Process

  • Relevant carrier Determination and Tendering process significance

  • Carrier Determination

  • Means and Modes of Transport

8. Transportation Planning with Integrated SAP TM ( SAP TM- SAP ERP)

  • SAP Sales order Management Overview

  • SAP Purchase Order Management Overview

  • Logistics Planning from Make to Stock and Make to Order Perspective

9. Transportation Execution/Control/Monitor (Standalone TM and Integrated TM Perspective)

  • Execution and monitoring deal with handling freight and providing visibility of shipments

  • Transportation Execution

  • Transportation Control

  • Transportation Monitoring

Certification Back to Top

The SAP S/4HANA TM Certification ensures you know planning, production and measurement techniques needed to stand out from the competition. 

You can use Transportation Management (TM) in SAP S/4HANA to create and monitor an efficient transportation plan that fulfills the relevant constraints (for example, service level, costs, and resource availability). You can determine options to save costs and to optimize the use of available resources.

SAP TM is a best-in-class Transportation Management System designed to manage all aspects of transportation processes within your company, including transportation planning and optimization, freight tendering and charge management.

The Transport Management System is one of the key components in the SAP system. TMS is used to control new requests, monitor changes like who has implemented the changes, defining and configuring system landscape in SAP environment.

The demand for professional systems integrators of SAP Transportation Management and SAP Yard Logistics has been increasing over the last year and a half.

Uplatz online training guarantees the participants to successfully go through the  SAP S/4HANA TM Certification provided by Uplatz. Uplatz provides appropriate teaching and expertise training to equip the participants for implementing the learnt concepts in an organization.

Course Completion Certificate will be awarded by Uplatz upon successful completion of the SAP S/4HANA TM online course.

Career & Jobs Back to Top

The SAP S/4HANA TM draws an average salary of $119,000 per year depending on their knowledge and hands-on experience.

Good Choice If You have other SAP tools already in action. SAP Transportation Management Solution is very reliable and we can easily customize with our requirements. We already have other SAP tools in place as well as many other SAP solutions. 

Some of the SAP modules that are currently in demand are SAP FI, SAP MM, SAP SD, SAP PP, SAP HCM, and SAP ABAP, among others. Apart from the above SAP modules, you can also consider establishing a career in some of the SAP add-on modules such as SAP CRM and SAP BI.

Note that salaries are generally higher at large companies rather than small ones. Your salary will also differ based on the market you work in.

SAP Security Specialist.

SAP Logistics Execution.

Manager, IT Operations.

SAP SCM/TM Consulting Manager.




Interview Questions Back to Top

. What Is Sap Transportation Management?

Ans: SAP TM is a best-in-class Transportation Management System designed to manage all aspects of transportation processes within your company, including transportation planning and optimization, freight tendering and charge management.  SAP TM covers the full range of modes of transport (air, ocean, rail and road) and is designed for both Shippers and Logistics Service Providers.

2. What Is A Standard Transport Layer In Sap ?

Ans: This describes the shipping route that the data from the improvement systems follows.

3.Is Sap Transportation Management A Module Within Sap Erp Or A Stand-alone System?

Ans:SAP Transportation Management is a stand-alone system.  Typically, it is installed on a new set of servers for development, QA and production environments, separate from SAP ERP.  SAP TM is tightly integrated with SAP ERP SD, MM, WM and FICO modules.

During the 2016 Sapphire/ASUG conference, SAP has announced a roadmap to unify a number of SCM-based applications, including SAP TM, and roll them into S4 HANA.  This confirms SAP's long-term commitment to developing and enhancing SAP Transportation Management as one of it's key product offerings.

4.What Are The Three Approval Steps You Need To Follow As A Part Of Approval Procedure In Qas?


1.To be authorized by system administrator
 2. To be accepted with the aid of department
  3.To be authorized through request owner

5. What Is The Latest Release Of Sap Transportation Management?

Ans: As of the writing of this put up, SAP Transportation Management 9.Three is the cutting-edge launch in preferred availability.  SAP TM 9.Four is presently in ramp-up.  SAP TM has long gone through 6 principal releases - 8.Zero, 8.1, nine.Zero, nine.1, nine.2 and 9.Three.

6.Question 3. What Are The Sap Erp Release, Enhancement Pack And Support Pack Requirements For Integrating With Sap Tm?

Ans: Refer to SAP note 1738013 for a complete matrix of SAP TM and SAP ERP integration requirements.  As a general guideline, SAP ERP 6 with enhancement pack 7 or greater is necessary for latest full featured integration with SAP TM.

7.Does Sap Transportation Management Require The Installation Of Sap Erp?

Ans: Although the great majority of SAP TM installations are done with SAP ERP being in place, it is technically possible to utilize SAP TM in a non-SAP ERP environment.

8. What Sap Systems Have Integration Capabilities With Sap Transportation Management?

Ans:The following SAP systems integrate with SAP TM out-of-the-box:

  • SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • SAP Event Management (EM)
  • SAP Process Integration / Process Orchestration (PI / PO)


9.Does Sap Transportation Management Require The Use Of Sap Event Management?

Ans: SAP Event Management (EM) can optionally be utilized in tandem with SAP Transportation Management to seize and disclose distinctive statistics round anticipated and actual events (as an example, planned vs. Actual arrival time at a prevent).  Plenty of SAP TM implementations are accomplished with out using SAP EM.

10. Is There A Way To Provide External Carriers With Access To Sap Transportation Management Information And Transactions?

Ans: Certainly.  One of the incredible new capabilities of SAP Transportation Management nine.1 is Collaboration Portal, which lets in external companions (such as providers) to get entry to relevant SAP TM information and transactions thru an externally facing web portal.  Here is a extremely good report with sample screenshots describing the Collaboration Portal capability.

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