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Overview Course - SAP SuccessFactors RCM

Learn Recruitment Management, Talent Management, and the management of all recruitment processes including recruiting marketing, and many more.
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Course Duration: 2 Hours
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This is an overview course on SAP SuccessFactors RCM while the complete detailed-level SAP SuccessFactors RCM course is available at -  https://training.uplatz.com/online-it-course.php?id=sap-successfactors-recruiting-rcm-99.   SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and Onboarding solutions provide the organization with the best experience through embedded engagement and automation to simplify each step of the talent acquisition process.

In any organization, talent acquisition is one of the essential HR activities. Recruiting and Onboarding the right candidate significantly affects business execution.

SAP SF Recruitment Management (RCM) enables you to the source, engage, recruit the best talent and manage them in an organization. It is part of the SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite. SAP SF RCM helps to attract, select and hire the excellent candidate according to the organization’s requirements and measure the business outcomes. It allows you to focus primarily on the recruiting process and selecting the best candidates and to manage new recruiters from the beginning.

With the help of RCM module, you can deliver an excellent and improved set of onboarding activities.

This SAP SuccessFactors RCM overview training by Uplatz helps trainees to gain introduction to SAP SF recruiting and onboarding roles and processes.

Some of the key topics covered in SAP SuccessFactors RCM training are: Setup the recruiting system, Manage the recruiting process, Comprehend the usage of recruiting agencies and recruiting reports, Configure the system using the admin tools and recruiting email templates, Traverse the Onboarding module, Comprehend manage and assign security to users, Create and maintain keys within the Data dictionary, Configure the hiring manager activities, Configure and manage panels and maintain the Employee portal, Know how to configure and associate Pick lists to fields in Onboarding.

The complete SAP SF RCM certification training by Uplatz will help you to get in-depth knowledge of the SAP SuccessFactors for Recruitment Management and to apply this knowledge for SAP certification and HR job interviews.

Course/Topic - SAP SuccessFactors RCM overview - all lectures

  • This video is a continuation to the previous tutorial where it is seen how a candidate can create a profile of his own and apply for different job opportunities outside the organization. Also, you will be learning what is an Applicant Status Text Configuration is which is nothing but a series of actual recruitment process in the SuccessFactors module.

    • 12:16
  • In this tutorial, you will be learning on how to manage the recruiting email templates and what is the backend process to work on these templates. Also, you will be learning the Fourth Data Model in the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting that is the Job Application Data Model.

    • 20:00
  • In this tutorial, you will get an overview on what is a Candidate Profile Data Model, which is a Data Model that is used to create a candidate’s profile in a fashion that a business wants a consultant to create. It will be proceeded with a detailed demonstration on how to work on the entire Data Model from the admin center.

    • 15:00
  • In this tutorial, you will learn about the different job-related fields in the SAP RCM module like Department, Location of Position, Start Date, etc. You will also learn about the different options available regarding a recruitment from provisioning such as Background Check Central, Configuring Standardization Mapping and others.

    • 17:31
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This SAP SF RCM Overview training course is designed for mastering the recruitment management system. The course content details therecruitment processesand able to implement while working on any project.

This SAP SF RCM Overview training course is meant for clearing theSAP Certified Application Associate- SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting:  Recruiter Experienceexam. 

The SAP SF RCM is an applicant tracking system which is used for supporting the capability of recruiting marketing. The SAP SF RCM is used to increase productivity and profitability using tracking process.

In SAP SF RCM Overview Course module details in tracking open positions, candidate application processing, and choosing the candidate for suitable positions. The SAP SF RCM Overview comprises tracking system in choosing a best candidate for a job position. The SAP RCM is used to find a best talent match, much needed tracking system for arecruiter.

Uplatz provides appropriate teaching and expertise training to equip the participants for implementing the learnt concepts in an organization.

Uplatz Course Completion Certificate will be awarded upon the completion of the SAP SF RCM Overview course training. 

The SAP SF RCM certification exam verifies that the participants possess sound knowledge and can prove their competencies in the area of SAP Success Factors Recruitment and able to implement the learnt knowledge practically in projects.

Below given are the certification Details of SAP Certified Application Associate- SAP Success Factors Recruiting: Recruiter Experience 1h/2020

• Certification Level: Associate

• Exam Name: SAP Certified Application Associate- SAP Success Factors Recruiting: Recruiter experience 1H/2020

• Exam Code: C_THR83_2005

• Exam Mode: Online

• Total Number of Questions: 80

• Pass Score: 67%

• Time Duration: 180 Minutes

• Exam fee: $550


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Career Path and Job Prospects

The SAP SF RCM Consultant draws an average salary of $102,853 per year depending on the competencies, knowledge and hands-on experience. 

The SAP SF RCM Consultants are recognized across the globe. The SAP SF RCM Consultant is responsible for offering recruitment support using tracking solution in an organization. 

The SAP SF RCM certification is targeted to those participants who are a recruiter or from HR and business consulting background and excel as SAP SF RCM consultant

The following are the job titles:

• SAP SF Recruiting Associate

• SAP SF Recruiting Consultant

• SAP HRIS Consultant

• SAP SF RecruitingExpert

The SAP SF RCM Overview online course provides you with an opportunity to explore career opportunities as an SAP SF Recruiting Consultant.











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1.What is SuccessFactors onboarding?

It is used to provide enhanced onboarding experience to the new and manage new hires from the start.

2. What are the key features of SuccessFactors Onboarding?

  • Hiring coordinator can initiate onboarding for hire recruited through SuccessFactors recruitment.
  • Hiring process involves kickoff onboarding process in SuccessFactors for all hires and complete new hire steps.
  • Onboarding involves follow up with hire to make sure that he has completed new hire steps and has taken advantage of the new hire portal.
  • Onboarding can be integrated with recruitment and Employee central to manage new hire activities.

3. Which of the following users is default named users that are provided with an Onboarding instance?

There are 3 correct answers to this question.

A. Hiring Manager

B. HR Admin

C. HR Manager

D. User

E. Recruiter

Ans: A, C, & E

4. How do you set an advanced condition for a PDF form in SuccessFactors Onboarding?

A. Choose Forms under Reference Files. Select the form and choose Filter

B. Choose Forms under Reference Files. Select the form group and choose Conditions

C. Choose PFD Forms under Settings. Select the form and choose Conditions.

D. Choose Forms under Reference Files. Select the form and choose Conditions.

Ans: D

5. How do you enable Onboarding-Employee Central integration?

There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A. Enable all SF_Notifications in Super Admin

B. Enable the PaperWorkDone notification in SuccessFactors HCM Admin tools

C. Select the ONB-EC integration checkbox in provisioning

D. Enable the integration feature in Job requisition Data Model

Ans: C, & D

6. How do you set up single sign-on?

There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A. Enable the Onboarding application in Provisioning under company settings Enable service logins in Super Admin

B. Index the instance in the Partner Portal Single Sign-on is activated automatically

C. Add service logins in provisioning under Assertion Consumer Service Settings Update SAML key values in Super Admin under Account Options

D. Add feature –permission XML code in the Job Requisition Data Model (JRDM) Enable the Onboarding application in Provisioning under company settings

Ans: a, & c

7. What field is required when creating a new single panel in SuccessFactors Onboarding?

A. Start Index

B. Description

C. Number of Panels

D. Name

Ans: D

8. What permission is required for a user to access SuccessFactors Onboarding?

A. Recruiting

B. Manage Onboarding permission

C. Initiate Onboarding

D. Onboarding Integration Setup

Ans: B

9. What Regular Expression Validator templates are available in panel designer?

There are 3 correct answers to this question.

A. Email

B. Time

C. US Phone

D. Custom

E. Date

Ans: A, C, & D

10. Where can you upload a custom form in SuccessFactors Onboarding?

A. Reference Files-Forms

B. Settings-PDF Forms

C. Settings-Forms

D. Reference Files-Container Forms

Ans: B

11. Which feature is a prerequisite to enable SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding?

A. Enable Media Service Features

B. Role-Based Permissions

C. Enable External ATS-ONB-EC Integrations

D. Goal Import

Ans: B

12. What are the standard process steps provided by SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding?

There are 3 correct answers to this question.

A. Post Hire Verification Step

B. Orientation Step

C. New Employee Step

D. Remote Hire Step

D. New Hire Activity Step

Ans: A, B, C

13. What activities can be selected to configure the new hire activity planning process?

A. Postcard

B. Send a Welcome Message

C. Assign a buddy

D. Furnish Equipment

E. Goal Setting

Answer: B, C, D

14. What are the standard integrations tags in SuccessFactors Onboarding?

A. JobReq

B. StandardExport

C. Base New Employee Data



Answer: B, D, E

15. Your customer has the following corporate structure levels
-Company Name

What is the recommended method to create value for these corporate structure levels in onboarding?

A. Import the CSV file to SuperAdminàCorporate Structure

B. Import the CSV file to Reference filesàCorporate Structure

C. Synchronize all corporate structure levels with SuccessFactors HCM

D. Synchronize the division, Department and Location corporate levels with SuccessFactors HCM

Answer: B

16. How do you remove a standard panel from a process?

A. Select the panel and click delete

B. Right click the panel and click delete

C. Select the Panel and click Disable

D. Select the Panel, click advanced and a condition

Answer: C

17. How do you set up single sign-on?

A. Enable the Onboarding application in Provisioning under company settings
Enable service logins in Super Admin

B. Index the instance in the Partner Portal Single Sign-on is activated automatically

C. Add service logins in provisioning under Assertion Consumer Service Settings
Update SAML key values in Super Admin under Account Options

D. Add feature –permission XML code in the Job Requisition Data Model (JRDM)
Enable the Onboarding application in Provisioning under company settings.

Answer: A, C

18. Your customer has Recruiting to Onboarding integration enabled. After initiating Onboarding, you see that the new hire Last Name was not mapped in the Post Hire Verification (PHV) step. What should you check to resolve this issue?

A. Confirm that the LastName field type is “String” in the data dictionary

B. Confirm that the LastName field type is “User” in the data dictionary

C. Confirm that the LastName field exists in the data dictionary/Integration/RX tag

D. Confirm that the LastName field that exists in the data dictionary/Integration/EC-Candidate created tag

Answer: A, C

19. How does SAP SuccessFactors support talent acquisition?

SAP SuccessFactors-Recruiting helps you source, engage, and hire the best candidates for the best positions.

20. What are the benefits of SAP SF – Recruiting?

  • It ensures that you get the right candidate with the right skills at the correct time.
  • Helps evaluation of the hiring process.
  • Helps following up new hire onboarding and allows access resources in employee social network.
  • Helps to increase return on the recruiting spend and demonstrate how your recruiting strategy is driving business results.

21. What is Success Factors – Recruitment Management?

This is a new internal/external applicant tracking program which will be used to develop new requisitions and to view all applicant information, as well as rate their interview results. The recruitment staff will work with the system from application to hire. It will allow the recruitment staff to follow the candidate through all steps of the recruitment process and they will be able to see what has been done and when each step is completed.

22. What are some of the features I will have access to?

You will be able to initiate requisitions online, view candidates, invite other managers to participate in the interview process, and rate the candidates.

23. Who will use SuccessFactors?

All hiring managers, directors, and administrators will use Success Factors for initiating requisitions, reviewing and rating candidates. All current employees and external candidates may access the career site to view job opportunities, apply for jobs and set up job alerts.

24. Will this system increase the time required to approve requisitions?

It is not anticipated that this online requisition system will increase the time required to approve requisitions. Your specific organization will inform you as to whether you will continue to follow the same approval process or whether there will be changes to it.

25. How to know when there are new, qualified applicants for my position(s)?

When you log into the recruitment section of Success Factors, you will be able to see if any candidates for your requisitions are, in the “Forwarded to Manager” status. These are the candidate applications you should review and determine who you would like to select to interview for the position.

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