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Google Analytics

20 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
USD 17 (USD 140)
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Google Analytics course and certification
652 Learners

About this Course
Google Analytics is a web-based service platform offered by Google where a user can track and analyze the traffic (visitors) coming to his website. It’s a must-know tool for someone who is having a website of his own or a Digital Marketer who is mostly involved in handling various client’s projects. It allows a user to keep track of how many visitors he is getting to his website, what is the source of the visitors, how much time they have spent on the website and which pages they have browsed through, etc. It also shows the gender, age and even the location of a user visited a particular website.
Taking a course on Google Analytics at Uplatz, will help a learner in knowing:
Ø  The initial setup of Google Analytics and how it works.
Ø  Web properties & view configuration.
Ø  Implementation of Google Analytics.
Ø  Enhancing the data, And
Ø  What is its integration with Digital Marketing Activities.
Lastly, one will get to know his career path after enrolling with this course and a Certification of Completion of their own from Uplatz.

Google Analytics

Course Details & Curriculum

1.      How Google Analytics works & Initial setup

·        Google Analytics data collection: logic & requests

·        Google Analytics Cookies

·        Universal Analytics

·        Accounts, Properties and Views


2.      Web Properties & Views Configuration

·        Roll up Properties

·        Filters & Advanced Filters

·        Regular Expressions


3.      Implementation

·        Event Tracking

·        Custom Dimensions & Metrics

·        Ecommerce & Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

·        Cross & Sub-domain Tracking

·        Virtual pageviews


4.      Enhancing Data

·        Data Import

·        Measurement Protocol


5.      Integration with Digital Marketing Activity

·        Integration tools, Google Ads

·        Campaign management

·        Multi-channel Funnels

·        Remarketing

Google Analytics

Career Path

Digital Marketing Expert

Job Prospects


Google Analytics Interview Questions


1. What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics apparatus offered by Google for examining and following site traffic and client conduct which will at that point help us to improve over the site to build the income of the site.


2. What is a Session?

A session has begun when a client visits a page with the following code, the session break itself following 30 minutes of dormancy.

New Session will begin in the event that you change the source from natural, immediate and paid outcomes and by visiting a similar site by various sites.


3. What are the fragments in Analytics?

The portion is a little piece of the information from the general report, for instance, making fragments, for example, paid and natural outcomes.


4. What is benchmarking?

Benchmarking will assist us with comparing our information with the information-driven from the statistical surveying and various organizations.


5. What is Bounce Rate and what is an ideal bob rate?

It is the level of a client who leaves without visiting some other page of the site is named as skip rate

26 to 40 percent Excellent

41 to 55 percent generally normal

56 to 70 percent higher than normal

70 to 100 Bad.


6. What is Funnel in Goals?

The channel is the arrangement of pages visited by the client to reach at the goal to finish the predefined objective.

For Example, Funnel for space buy site is

Search your Domain → add to truck → fill charging data → make installment→ Thank you page.


7. What is implied by Cohort Reports?

An accomplice is a client bunch who offer a typical trademark Analytics measurement is utilized to distinguish in this report.


8. What Is the Use of Acquisition Reports?

Obtaining report is for breaking down the wellspring of our traffic to the site structure Social, Paid and Organic campaign’s.


9. What is Real-time information in Analytics?

Constant information gives us the data about what number of clients from various areas are getting to our site at the present snapshot of time.


10. What is Exit rate in Analytics?

Leave rate is the level of the client rearward in the session. It causes us to comprehend client conduct streamline our page for clients who left the site from a specific page.


11. What is implied by Average Load Time?

Normal burden time is the measure of time required by the site to stack in the program.

40 % of a client will leave the page in the event that it requires at least 3 seconds to stack. So the perfect burden time is underneath 3s.


12. What are treats in analytics?

Treats are the little bit of information that moves from site to the customer PC internet browser for retargeting reason in paid crusades.


13. Various kinds of item connecting in Google Analytics?

AdWords connecting

Big Query

DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM)

Promotion trade connecting.

DoubleClick Campaign Manager

Promotion sense connecting

Google Play

DoubleClick Search

Post backs

Search Console


14. What are the UTM parameters?

UTM Stands for Urchin Tracking Module are five variations of URL parameters which are utilized by the advertiser to follow site traffic from various sources, for example, Organic, Paid, and referral traffic.


15. What is mean by Users in Analytics?

Guests who visited the site, at any rate, one time are called client.


16. What is RPC in Google Analytics?

RPC represents income per click. Primarily utilized for E-business following which aides in discovering income produced by the per snap of the clients.


17. What is the occasion following in Google Analytics?

Occasion following is utilized to follow a particular event or an activity of the site, for example, the video sees, report downloads and so on.


18. What is Cohort Size?

Companion decides the time span that is utilized to decide the size of every partner.


19. The job of KPI in Google Analytics?

KPI Stands for Key Performance Indicator. It helps in following the significant piece of business. Like snaps, session, ricochet rate and returning clients. Case of KPI: Sessions, Users, Bounce Rate, Conversion rate, AVG Time and so forth.


20. What is the online visit?

The site hit alluded to as perspectives on the page. An online visit is checked each time an individual perspective the site hits a back catch or invigorates the page.


21. Auto-labeling is utilized in which sort of traffic?

Auto-labeling is the labels that lone Google Analytics can peruse. Auto-labeling is a propelled highlight that you have to transform on before you import change information into google promotions from google analytics.


22. What is the Flat Table?

Level table report is utilized to see the information without boring down. Level table reports are frequently utilized for sending out information in spreadsheets like Excel for examination.


23. What is the UA following code?

UA represents widespread analytics. This code is found in the administrator segment of the web property.


24. Rundown various components of Event Tracking in Google Analytics?

Three Elements of Event Tracking





25. What is CTR?

CTR Stands for Click Through Rate.

Determined by Total no. of snap isolated by Total no. of impression duplicated by 100.


26. What is Demographics in Google Analytics?

Statistic demonstrates the age gathering of the client visiting your site.


27. What is the equation of ROI?

return for money invested Stands for Return on Investment

return for capital invested = Overall Profit/Total Investment * 100


28. What is Map overlay?

Google Analytics catches the guests IP Address which is then used to find geo IP area.

The guide overlay report is found under the guest tab.


29. What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is basically an investigation between two variation of a page show to the client at irregular to comprehend the client conduct on that two pages and keep demonstrating the best performing page to the clients.


30. What is conduct in Google Analytics?

It causes us to follow the conduct of the client and help you to improve your User experience for better transformations.



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