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Google Sheets

5 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
GBP 12 (USD 140)
Save 88% Offer ends on 30-Nov-2023
Google Sheets course and certification
255 Learners

About this Course
Google Sheets is a spreadsheet application offered by Google which enables a user to analyze and formulate the data. It is a free tool which can be used by any individual, be it say a student or a professional.
We can consider Google Sheets as a competitor to Microsoft Excel which provides the same or a wider range of features such as Formulas and Functions, Conditional Formatting, Data Validation, Pivot Table etc. It is a very handy tool especially for the ones who work on a huge database on a regular basis.

Enrolling for a course on Google Sheets at Uplatz, will help a learner in:
Ø  Creating and naming a new Google Sheet
Ø  Uploading an existing Excel spreadsheet
Ø  Formatting Cells with text and numbers
Ø  Basic Formulas and Functions
Ø  Creating and copying formulas with auto-fill
Ø  Sorting and Filtering data
Ø  Moving data from Excel files to Google Sheets and vice versa.
Ø  File Management
Ø  Adding, renaming and deleting data from Google Worksheets
Ø  Formatting numbers
Ø  Operator Preferences, etc.

At the end of the course, a user will be congratulated with a Certificate of Completion from Uplatz.

Google Sheets

Course Details & Curriculum

Course Topics at high-level

An Introduction to Google Sheets

·         Create a new Google Sheet

·         Name a Spreadsheet

·         Upload an Existing Excel Spreadsheet

·         Edit Cells

·         Use Auto-fill

·         Format Cells

·         Format Text and Numbers

·         Basic Formulas and Functions

·         Use the Sum function

·         Create and Copy Formula using Auto-fill

·         Sort and Filter data

·         Finding your way around Google Sheets

·         Opening Files

·         Move data from Excel Files to Google Sheets and vice-versa

·         What about saving files?

·         File Management

·         Adding/Deleting Worksheets

·         Renaming Worksheets

Basic Formatting

·         Formatting Numbers

·         Dealing with Dates

·         Changing the Typeface

·         Adding more fonts

·         Adding Colors

·         Format Painter

Formulas in Google Sheets

·         Basic Arithmetic

·         Operator Preference

·         Absolute References

·         Using Functions

·         Calculating between Worksheets

Printing Google Sheets

·         Selecting a print area

·         Fitting everything onto a page

·         Creating a PDF

·         Printing all sheets

Sharing a Google Sheet

·         Choosing people to share with

·         Restricting Editing

·         Preventing others from downloaded and printing


Google Sheets Content

·         Introduction

·         Menu Options - File

·         Menu Options - Edit

·         Menu Options - View

·         Menu Options - Insert

·         Menu Options - Format

·         Menu Options - Data and more

·         Entering Data and Filtering

·         Functions - Numeric Function

·         Functions - Text Function

·         Functions - Data Functions

·         Charts and Conditional Formatting

·         Pivot Tables

·         Saving, Sharing, Collaboration


Google Sheets

Career Path

Data Entry Operator
Data Typist

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