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Java Servlets

15 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
USD 17 (USD 140)
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Java Servlets course and certification
343 Learners

About this Course

Java Servlet is based on the programming concept of Java which is used to create dynamic web pages and runs on the Java-enabled web server or application server. These Java Servlets work on the server-side and are capable of handling complex requests obtained from web servers.

Java Servlet is mainly used because of its Performance, Portability as it uses Java Language, Robustness and Security. Its life cycle consists of four main stages, which involves (i)Loading a Servlet (ii)Initializing the Servlet (iii)Request handling and (iv)Destroying the Servlet.

After enrolling for this Java Servlet course with Uplatz, learners will be able to upgrade their skills in Java Programming along with having core knowledge on Java Servlets, which not only will help them in working on Web Development, but also will enhance their skills to apply for various positions in different organizations, being a professional in Java Servlets with a Course Completion Certificate from Uplatz.

Java Servlets

Course Details & Curriculum

·         Introduction to WorldWideWeb

·         Understanding static and Dynamic webpages

·         How to create a HelloWorld application using servlets

·         Servlet interface, Generic and HttpServlet interfaces

·         Annotation and XML based configuration in Servlets

·         Difference between Get & Post

·         How Servlet works (Life cycle)

·         Load On Startup Configuration

·         Request Scope in Servlets

·         RequestDispatcher interface

·         Interservlet communication using Response.sendRedirect

·         ServletConfig

·         ServletContext

·         Session Tracking using cookies

·         HiddenFormFields

·         URL Rewriting

·         HttpSession

·         Filters in servlets

·         FilterConfig

·         Database connection in servlets

·         CRUD operations using servlets to MySQL database

·         Events and Listeners in servlets

·         ServletContext Listener

·         HttpSessionListener


Course Completion Certificate

Java Servlet 3.x Certification Exam (Foundation) from StudySection requires candidates to answer multiple-choice questions that are on the basis of fundamentals of Java Servlet 3.x. Topics to be covered in this exam are life cycle, HttpServlet, and methods, servlet request and response, etc. Some questions may have more than one correct option and to make your answer to be considered right, you must select all the correct choices. After passing this certification exam from StudySection, you will become eligible to get a consolidated e-Certificate and a certification badge that can be used to reflect your expertise on your social networking profiles. Java Servlet 3.x Free Online Certification from StudySection will punch up your career profile making you more demanding among the competing candidates for the same job profile.

This Java Servlet training will prepare you for the Java Servlet certification exam. Uplatz will also award a Course Completion Certificate upon successful completion of this course.


Career Path

There is a high-growth career path for Java servlet. Java servlet create complex web-based applications. Some examples include animated drop-down menus, images that change as a mouse moves over them, and sounds that play when clicked. Java is used extensively on e-commerce sites to collect data and validate user information. It is the job of Java developers to use this scripting language to modify the design and functionality of websites as requested by their clients. Java developers may write programs themselves or revise existing applications. They also identify opportunities to fine-tune and optimize applications of java developed projects. Java developers will often test programs to verify that they work correctly


Job Prospects

Following are some of the key job titles:


  • Java Developer(Servlet and Angular)

  • Software Developer - Java J2EE Struts JSP Servlet

  • Java/ JEE Developer

  • Assistant Manager - Java Developer

  • Java Servlet

  • JAVA Developer Mega Drive | JSP,Servlets | OraclePL


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