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SAP BW (Business Warehouse)

30 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
USD 17 (USD 140)
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SAP BW (Business Warehouse) course and certification
490 Learners

About this Course

SAP Business Warehouse is an enterprise solution which is useful in integrating data from varied sources, interprets and consolidates the data and saving the data as well. The SAP business warehouse also includes data modelling, administration and staging. 

SAP BW (Business Warehouse) allows for data to be translated into highly useful information, helping to understand the business better and enabling timely and fact based decision making, ultimately leading to remarkable results for the organization.
The SAP BI in conjunction with SAP BusinessObjects forms one of the best reporting tools currently available in the ERP industry.

SAP BI/BW is a business intelligent warehousing and reporting and data analysing tool and is a complete set of SAP product to build a powerful business intelligent and warehousing system for any business type.

As data warehousing is the foundation of all business intelligence solutions therefore SAP BI/BW tool plays a crucial role in the growth and development of any organisation by providing reports of various functional raw data. Therefore the demands of SAP BI/BW consultants are increasing day by day. And now most of the companies are seeking for skilled SAP BI/BW candidates who can do real time analysis of their business to increase revenues.


Because of its high market demand and job opportunities most of the working professionals, SAP Consultants, ABAP developers, BW developers, and Freshers are motivated to learn SAP BI BW course.


Course Objective


The SAP Business warehouse online certification course will make sure the participants will gain SAP NetWeaver Business warehouse knowledge required for successful implementation and management within a SAP NetWeaver BW system.

Course Description

SAP Business Warehouse is an enterprise-based model-driven data warehouse solution based on the SAP NetWeaver ABAP platform. The SAP business warehouse collects, converts, and saves the generated data in SAP applications. It makes the data accessible through built-in functionalities such as reporting, business intelligence, and predictive tools.

SAP Business warehouse is also known as development platform that is used by the programmers to create and change data warehouse, complete data management tasks, generate reports and view analytics application. The Business users access SAP business warehouse using an application created by a developer say for instance dashboard or mobile application.


SAP Business warehouse stay unique amongst other data warehousing solution because it is completely model-driven and the model is more common with cloud-based solution.

Target Audience

  • Application Consultant

  • Business Process Owner

  • Technology Consultant

  • Program manager

  • Business Analyst

  • Project manager


SAP BW (Business Warehouse)

Course Details & Curriculum

1. SAP Introduction: 

  • History of SAP
  • Evolution of ERP
  • ERP Packages
  • SAP R/3 System – ERP Backbone
  • SAP R/3 Modules – SD, MM, FI
  • Types of all other ERP Packages in Market
  • Advantages of SAP ERP Compared to other ERP Packages
  • SAP R/3 (or) ECC Reporting
  • Limitations of SAP R/3 (or) ECC Reporting.

2. SAP Case Study:

3. SAP Data warehousing: 

  • Introduction to Data warehousing
  • Fundamentals of Data warehouse
  • Definition of Data Warehousing
  • Key functions of Data Warehousing
  • Applications & Types of SAP
  • Difference between OLTP vs OLAP
  • Types of Data in SAP
  • Multi Dimensional Modelling
  • Star Schema and Extended Star Schema

4. SAP BW/BI Introduction:

  • Introduction to SAP BW/BI
  • History of SAP BW/BI
  • Necessity of SAP BW/BI

5. SAP BW/BI Architecture: 

  • Source System & Target System
  • Source system connections
  • Data Modelling, Extraction & Loading
  • Data Reporting

6. SAP BW Data Modelling: 

    • Data Warehousing Workbench
    • Info Objects & Types of Info Objects
    • Info Area4. Info Object Catalog
  • Application Component6. Activation of Business Content
  • Master data & Transaction data
  • Data Source, Info Source
  • Data transfer methods for SAP Systems (PSA and IDOC)
  • Info cube
  • Info Set
  • Info Provider
  • Multi Provider
  • Transformation
  • Routines
  • DTP
  • Info Package
  • Open Hub Destination
  • Transfer Rules
  • Update Rules
  • Authorisations
  • Roles

7. SAP BW Data Extraction: 

  • Application Specific Extractors(BW Content Extractors & Customer Generated Extractors)
  • Cross Application Specific Extractors ( Generic Extractors)
  • LIS Extraction
  • LO Extraction
  • COPA Extraction
  • Data Extraction using other tools
  • BW Data Source Enhancement
  • SAP BW Data Loading & Scheduling – 3 Hours
  • Introduction to Process Chains
  • Process Chains in SAP BW/BI
  • Types of Views in Process Chains
  • Process Chain Creation
  • Process Chain Monitoring

8. BW Data Reporting: 

  • Bex Query Designer
  • Bex Analyzer
  • Bex WAD
  • Restricted & Calculated Key figure
  • Filters
  • Rows & Columns
  • Free & Filter Characteristics
  • Types of Variables
  • Conditions & Exceptions

9. SAP BW Real Time/Project Scenarios: 

  • Production Support Issues
  • Implementation Project Issues
  • Migration/Up gradation Project Issues
  • Tickets Handling
  • Batch Jobs Monitoring
  • Ticketing Tool Tracker.
  • SAP BW Clients & Projects Discussions:
  • Importance of SAP BW Projects in Market
  • Type of Domain Industries & Clients using SAP BW/BI

10. SAP BW Data Transportation: 

  • System Landscape
  • Transportation Landscape
  • Overview of Transports
  • Objects Collection in Transports
  • Sequence of Transports Migration
  • Transports Collection & Setting
  • Transport Issues

11. SAP BW Performance Tuning Techniques: 

  • Aggregates
  • Partitioning
  • Compressions
  • PSA Table Deletions
  • BI Accelerators

12. SAP Knowledge Sharing Sessions: 

  • SAP OSS Notes
  • SAP Marketplace
  • SAP Developer Forum
  • SAP Issues Forum


Career Path

The SAP Business warehouse online certification course provides wide range of job opportunities owing its planning, management and reporting. The leading companies hire SAP Business warehouse associated consultants because of the end to end automated management services. 

The following are the job titles:

  • Consultant Analyst

  • SAP Consultant

  • SAP Business Intelligence Consultant

  • SAP BI Professional

  • SAP BW Associate


Job Prospects


The SAP BW consultant draws an average salary starts from 87,973 dollars to 108,843 dollar per year based on seniority level.


Interview Questions

1.What is the purpose of Business Warehouse?

SAP Business warehouse efficiently manages the data and is able to receive quick response according to market. The SAP business warehouse helps the user to analyse data from operational SAP applications.

2. What are the main roles done SAP business warehouse?

The main roles accomplished by the SAP business warehouse are:

  • Analysing and management

  • Reporting

  • Broadcast 

  • Performance

  • Security

3. Define Data Integrity?

Data Integrity eradicate redundant entries in the database.

4. Explain table partition?

Table partition is implemented to handle the bulk data and improve application efficiency.

5. What are the types of table partition?

  • Database partitioning

  • Logical partitioning

6. Define data flow in Business warehouse?

Data flows from a transactional to analytical system. Data service on the transactional system is getting repeated on BW side and upgrade rules.

7. Define Operational Data store?

The Operational data store is used for detail level storage of data. Operational data store is a BW architecture component that is visible between staging area and info cubes.

8. Define info cube?

Info cube is referred as the star schema and it is an area which stores data.

9. How many tables does info cube has?

The info cube has two tables, Fact table and dimension table.

10. What is the maximum number of dimensions in info cubes?

The info cubes contain 16 dimensions (3 sap defined and 1 user defined)

11. What is the difference between ODS and info cubes?


Info cubes

It contains key

It does not contain key

It contains detailed data

It contains refined data

It follows star schema

It is a flat file structure


12. Define Extractors?

Extractor is used by the system program to extract data.

13. What are the types of extractors?

The type of extractors are:

  • Application specific: BW content, FI, HR, SAP, CRM, Cockpit.

  • Customer generated extractors: LIS, FI-SL, CO-PA

  • Generic extractors : DB view, Infoset, Function module

14. List out the data types for the info object?

The four types are:

  • CHAR

  • NUMC

  • DATS

  • TIMS




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