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SAP Cloud Platform Integration

20 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
USD 17 (USD 140)
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SAP Cloud Platform Integration course and certification
84 Learners

About this Course
The SAP Cloud platform is completely featured, open standard, in-memory cloud-based platform which is created for rapidly growing network, social and data-driven environmen

SAP Cloud Platform is an open business platform designed to facilitate businesses to innovate, integrate and extend applications with agility, flexibility and choice. With its multi-cloud foundation the organizations can leverage the latest cloud-native technologies and benefit from major hyperscaler infrastructures. SAP Cloud Platform can be used to create intelligent, mobile-ready applications to better serve customers, modernize business processes and compete effectively.
As a foundation for an intelligent enterprise, SAP Cloud enables companies to react, adapt and grow quickly to match new market expectations.


Course Objective

The SAP Cloud Platform online certification course offered by SAP will make sure the participants to

  • Detail the functionalities of SAP Cloud Platform

  • Create own applications

  • Modify Eclipse along with SAP SDK to deploy applications

  • Gain complete access to SAP Cloud platform


Course Description

SAP Cloud Platform is an enterprise and in-memory cloud-based solution. The SAP Cloud platform is designed for the increased usage of digital stuff, social media integration. 

The cloud-based platform as a service allows the users to focus on software development and make use of the enterprise base pre-installed environment in the SAP cloud to run and deploy applications in a secured way.

The Developers create scalable applications with an extensive speed and support of SAP HANA.

The SAP Cloud Platform course will make sure the trainees to learn the following:

  • Create own applications using SAP Cloud Platform

  • Clear understanding about Cloud Computing

  • New terminology in digital transformation and cloud computing

    Target audience

    • SAP consultants

    • Java Developer

    • HTML Mobile Developers

    • SAP Cloud Platform Consultant


SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Course Details & Curriculum

1.     SAP Cloud Overview

·       Get an introduction to SAP Cloud

·       Explain landscape architecture-relevant terms

·       Explain cloud security

·       Explain SAP Leonardo

2.     Infrastructure and Database Services in Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

·       Get an introduction to Platform-as-a-Service

·       Perform a Deep Dive into PaaS

·       Explore the PaaS infrastructure

·       Explain data and storage in PaaS

·       Explore development and IT operations services

·       Explore the internet of things (IoT)

·       Explain mobile services

·       Use runtime and containers

3.     Application Development Services in PaaS

·       Introduce SaaS extensions

·       Explain analytics in PaaS

·       Explain business services in PaaS

·       Explain collaboration in PaaS

·       Explain integration services

·       Explain multi cloud

·       Explain security in PaaS

·       Explain user experience

4.     Software as a Service (SaaS)

·       Get an introduction about SaaS

·       Explore core business applications

·       Explain business services on SAP Cloud Platform

·       Use API business hub

·       Explain SaaS extensions on SAP Cloud Platform

5.     SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC)

·       Explain SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

·       Join SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and SAP Cloud Platform together

·       Unlock the digital business

6.     Interaction of all Components

·       Explain the interaction of all components


Career Path

The SAP cloud platform online certification course trained by expert professionals provides wide range of job opportunities owing its cloud-based solution. The leading companies hire SAP cloud consultants because of the innovative functionalities within SAP cloud ERP tool. 

The following are the job titles:

  • SAP Cloud Consultant

  • SAP Cloud Integration Consultant

  • SAP C4C Consultant

  • SAP BASIS Architect

  • Cloud Support Engineer

  • SAP HANA Developer


Job Prospects


The SAP Cloud Platform consultant draws an average salary starts from 95,550 dollars to 214,500 dollar per year based on seniority level.


Interview Questions

1.Define SAP Analytics in Cloud?

SAP Analytics cloud refers to multi-facilitated platform functioning as software as a service which offers business intelligence, planning, data visualization, data analytics and forecast among other functionalities.

2. SAP cloud analytics is multi or single user solution?

SAP cloud analytics is known for its public cloud services also known as multi-tenant. The Private cloud or single user option is also available.

3. What is the hosting location of SAP analytics?

As per current situation, SAP analytics cloud runs on the SAP cloud platform centres around the world.

4. What is the data security within SAP analytics cloud?

SAP analytics cloud has international security standards which keeps the data secure.

5. Is there any way from cloud connector to transfer data from on-premise systems to SAP cloud platform?

Yes, the cloud connector can transfer data from the on-premise system to SAP cloud platform.

6. Is the connection between the cloud connector and SAP cloud platform encrypted?

Yes, TLS encryption method is used for the connectivity between cloud connector and SAP cloud platform.

7. How many servers are needed to deploy the cloud connector?


  • Development

  • Production Master

  • Production Shadow

8. Name the process architecture which supports the cloud connector?

The cloud connector currently compatible with 64-bit operating system also known as x64, AMD 64.

9. Can we use the cloud connector without the support of ABAP back end?

The cloud connector is compatible with any system which supports HTTP protocol especially with the SAP cloud platform.

10. Can the authorization role be split?

The authorization cannot be split because the administration of the cloud connector is taken care by single role.

11. How to create backup for the cloud connector configuration?

Package the below given three folders, located in the cloud connector installation directory archive file:




The three folders contain the configuration information.

12. Can we create a backup of the entire installation?

It is possible to create an archive of the installation directory and backup for future reference.

13. How long does SAP continue to support lower cloud connector versions?


Any of the cloud connector version lasts for 12 months, the cloud infrastructure assures guaranteed compatibility with the older version



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