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SAP CO (Controlling)

30 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
USD 17 (USD 140)
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SAP CO (Controlling) course and certification
100 Learners

About this Course

The SAP CO also known as Controlling is a part of management accounting. The SAP controlling course offers critical information needed for management level to make better decision making.

The SAP Controlling (SAP CO) Module has the capability of meeting all the accounting and financial needs of an organization. It is within this module that Financial Managers as well as other Managers within your business can review the financial position of the company in real time as compared to legacy systems, which often times require overnight updates before financial statements can be generated and run for management review.

The real-time functionality of the SAP modules allows for better decision making and strategic planning. The CO (Control and Logistics) Module integrates with other SAP Modules such as MM (Materials Management), PP (Production Planning), and SD (Sales and Distribution).

The CO Module integrates with PP (Production Planning), includes SD (Sales and Distribution), as well as MM (Materials Management), Product Costing, and Probability Management etc.

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Course Objective

The SAP Controlling online certification course offered by SAP will make sure the participants to

  • Understand the fundamental features of SAP ERP and solution manager

  • Understand cost center accounting

  • Control object costs

  • Plan product costs

  • Report internal orders

  • Integrate management account with financial accounting


Course Description

SAP Controlling (CO) is yet another SAP module offered to an organization. It comes with coordination, monitoring, and optimization of all the available processes in an organization. SAP Controlling involves recording both the consumption of production and the services offered by an organization.

SAP CO includes managing and organizing master data that covers cost and profit, internal orders, and other cost essentials and functional areas.

The main purpose of SAP controlling module is to assist in business planning. It enables you to control variances by comparing actual data with planned data and thus enables you to regulate business flows in your organization.

The SAP Controlling online course will make sure the trainees to learn the following:


  • Understand SAP enterprise structure and its utilisation in real world.

  • Clear understanding about key business processes of SAP Controlling overhead management.

  • Understand planning components associated with cost center accounting.


    Target Audience

    • Project team who is responsible to implement cost object controlling in the SAP system

    • Professional who have knowledge of production planning and controlling


SAP CO (Controlling)

Course Details & Curriculum

1. Introduction 

  •  SAP CO Basic Concepts
  • Setting up Controlling Area

 2. Cost center Accounting 

  •   Cost center creation, change and Display
  •   Creation of Activity types, Change display.
  •   Distribution and Assessment
  •   Activity dependent planning and Independent Planning
  •   Statistical key figures
  •   Creation of allocation structure
  •    Cost center splitting
  •   Plan and actual activity rate calculations

3. Profit center Accounting 

  •  Creation profit center hierarchy
  •  Creation of Profit center
  •  Profit center integration with other module
  •  Profit center reporting
  •  Profit center month end process

4. Cost Element Accounting 

  • Define Primary and secondary cost elements
  • Automatic and Manual creation of Cost elements
  • Assigning cost elements to cost centers and profit centers

5. Internal order

  •  Creation of order types
  •  Creation of internal orders
  •  Creation of settlement profile
  •  Creation of budget profile
  •  Creation of planning profile
  •  Internal order settlement

 6. Product costing 

  •   Cost component structure
  •   Auxiliary cost component structure
  •   Costing variant
  •   Valuation variant
  •   WIP settings
  •   Settlement profile
  •   Date control and transfer control
  •   Costing sheet
  •   Product cost by order process
  •   Product cost by period process
  •   Product cost by sales order process
  •   Co product and By product
  •   CO/PP Integration
  •   CO/MM Integration
  •   FI/CO Integration
  •   Over view of PP Master data
  •   Over view of Material master

 7. Profitability analysis 

  •  Creation of operating concern
  •  Characteristics and Value fields
  •  Valuation strategy
  •  FI/COPA Integration
  •  CO/COPA integration
  •  SD/COPA Integration
  •  PA transfer structure
  •  Creation of Forms
  •  Creation of reports through report painter
  •  COPA derivation
  •  Product hierarchy

 8. Material ledger and Costing

  • Material ledger and actual costing overview
  • Month end process
Career Path

The SAP controlling online certification course trained by expert professionals provides wide range of job opportunities owing its business planning solution. The leading companies hire SAP controlling consultants because of the functionalities within SAP Controlling module. 

The following are the job titles:

  • SAP CO Consultant

  • SAP Consultant

  • SAP BO Administartor

  • SAP BO Consultant

  • SAP Controller


Job Prospects

The SAP Controlling consultant draws an average salary of 114,500 dollar per year based on seniority level.


Interview Questions

1.Define Controlling in SAP?

SAP controlling is one of the important module in SAP which assist the organization towards management, cost reporting, revenue which is analysed and implemented in internal decision making. 

2. What is the main intention of controlling module?

The controlling module in SAP focuses on internal users and assist the company or business management by generating reports on cost centers, profit scale, contribution margins and much more.

3. Detail the important organizational elements of controlling?

The important organization elements of controlling module are:

  • Operating concern

  • Controlling area

  • Cost centers

4. Define controlling area?

The controlling area is the central organization structure in the controlling module and is used in cost accounting.

5. What are the assignments between company code and controlling area?

The two types of assignments between company code and controlling area are:

  • One to One where company code responds to one controlling area.

  • Many to one where multiple company codes are assigned to one controlling area.

6. List out the components of controlling?

The sub modules of controlling module are:

  • Cost element accounting

  • Cost controlling

  • Cost center accounting

  • Internal orders

  • Product cost controlling

Probability analysis

7. What is the need for Cost Element Accounting?

The Cost element accounting enables the user to segregate costs and revenues related to controlling. 

8. Define Cost center accounting?

Cost center accounting is responsible to handle the task of managing ‘overheads’ within a company. The overhead costs are not directly associated with a product or any service, in such situation cost center accounting provides necessary tool to accomplish this.

9. Define activity-based costing?

Activity-based costing also known as ABC enables you to view overhead costs from the perspective of business processes.

10. Define Product Cost Controlling?

Product cost controlling is to estimate the costs while procuring a product or service.

11. What are the areas of product cost controlling?

The product cost controlling is split into two areas:

  • Cost of materials

  • Cost of processing

12. What can be calculated with the help of product cost controlling?

With the help of product cost controlling the user can calculate:


  • Cost of goods manufactured

  • Cost of goods sold

13. Define Profitability analysis?


Profitability analysis is useful in determining your profit segments such as product, customer service, sales, product overview and many more analysis in the market


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