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SAP Cutover Activities in Project Implementation

30 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
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SAP Cutover Activities in Project Implementation course and certification
19 Learners

About this Course

The SAP Cutover is a solution developed by SAP to manage all the activities that creates an impact functionality to cutover to the SAP system. The cutover data comprises financial data and the remains of material carried forward by SAP and also makes the user to understand how to deal with open transactions from the legacy department.

Course Objective

The SAP Cutover online certification course offered by SAP will make sure the participants to understand the transition process from a legacy system to SAP system. The activities based on cutover and legacy integration are the key component associated with the cutover plan.

Course Description

SAP Cutover activity is the transition from legacy system to new SAP system.

SAP Cutover activity is designed specifically for SAP implementation process where organizations can manage their data migration plans and strategies from a legacy system to a new SAP system. The cutover activities are referred as data migration plans management & execution and activities that are implemented just before making your project live on the new system.

Precise timing and successful execution of Cutover Plan Activities is highly critical during the Cutover Phase in SAP Implementation Project. Whenever the owner of an organization decides the implementation of SAP system in their own company then it is necessary to transfer the master data and other records from the old system to SAP System. The data migration management is called cutover activity. It simply means that on the cutover date the organization is ready to use the new SAP System. 

However, cutover strategy is the management planning or strategy the organization wants to convert their old  system into SAP that will be put in use henceforth.

Target Audience

  • SAP Technical Consultants

  • SAP Functional consultants

SAP Cutover Activities in Project Implementation

Course Details & Curriculum

SAP Cutover Activites

Learn the process and steps to be aware of while creating the cutover plan and cutover activity sheets. The dedicated trainer will guide you through all the activities for this phase. As each activity is completed, the aforementioned Cutover Activity Sheet is signed by the executor of that activity and turned into the project management function before any dependant activity can be started.

Training into different Areas of the Cutover Phase Training covers

  • Freezing and releasing of legacy data
  • Exportation of legacy data into the conversion database input layer
  • Understanding of Master and Transaction Data
  • Writing the Data Migration Load programs through LSMW
  • Transposition of legacy data into the conversion database
  • Reconciliation of the production data to the Conversion Database
  • Copy converted data to different SAP System Landscapes
  • Manual conversion of non-converted accounts
Career Path

The SAP Cutover activity online certification course trained by expert professionals provides wide range of job opportunities owing its data transition solution. The leading companies hire SAP cutover consultants because of the integration features within SAP system. 

The following are the job titles:

  • SAP Data Cutover Lead

  • SAP Data Cutover Executive

  • Data migration lead

  • Interface coordinator

  • Legacy IT coordinator

  • SAP Data Cutover Analyst

  • System Build coordinator

Job Prospects


The SAP Cutover consultant draws an average salary of 129,203 dollar per year based on seniority level.


Interview Questions

  1. Define cutover strategy?

Cutover strategy is known as a plan that works on the process on when businesses will shut down the activities in the old or legacy systems and initiate the stopped activities in the new SAP system.

  1. What is the importance of cutover strategy plan?

The cutover strategy plan is important because it will affect the commission date, balance download, data inconsistency and other options.

  1. List out the 3 divisions involved in the cutover activity process?

  • The three divisions are :

  • Pre-cutover

  • Cutover

  • Post-cutover

  1. Brief the cutover activity process?

Pre-cutover is used to create master data and the open transactions are considered.

The cutover deals with the data migration into SAP. The migrated data is verified and authenticated. Most important is the stock balance.

After confirming, the GoLive is declared and users can start using the SAP to post the open transactions.

  1. Brief out the SAP Cutover activities?

The cutover activities involve the planning and management strategies used to transfer and upload data, reports from the old system to the SAP system.

  1. Define the cutover date?

The cutover date is referred to the date when a company or organization has transferred the entire master data and records from old system to the SAP system and the new SAP system is ready to go live with no need for old legacy system.

  1. Define Go-live in SAP system?

Go-live is referred to the moment where the entire data and records are transferred into new system and is ready for use.

  1. Define Legacy system?

Legacy system is referred to the previous system which was used by the organization before getting into the SAP system.

  1. List out the key functionalities performed in the cutover process?

  • The key functions are:

  • Planning

  • System set-up

  • Configuration and personalization

  • Data transfer from legacy to SAP systems

  1. What type of data migration approach is used in SAP cutover activities?

There are different data migration approach such as horizontal, vertical, big-bang etc...

  1. Define the cutover period?

Cutover period is the time limit where the users does not have any access to modify the transactional data.

  1. What is the blackout period?


A blackout period is the time duration where all open transactions in the legacy system is closed and no chances for new entries.


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