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SAP Lumira Training

10 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
USD 280
SAP Lumira Training course and certification
101 Learners

About this Course

It is good to develop the carrer and for fresher also can learn easy and add their skills and It is to load the data and add the data from Desgin and Bulid the reports for faster response from Clients to Handle and Much easier also.

SAP Lumira Training

Course Details & Curriculum

SAP Lumira Syllabus

1 . Get to know about SAP Lumira

2.  What’s new in SAP Lumira

3.  Navigate the Interface

4.  Create a document and acquire a data set from a Microsoft Excel File

6.   Build Visualizations

Acquiring Data

7.   Create a document and acquire a data set from Microsoft Excel File

8.    Acquire a dataset from a Microsoft Excel File with Multiple Work Sheets

9.   Acquire a dataset from Universe

10.  Acquire a dataset from a database using Freehand SQL

11.  Combine datasets by appending records from a dataset

12.  Combine datasets by merging on a shared column

13.   Copy data from the clipboard 

14.   Manage connections and associated documents 

15.   Acquire a dataset from an SAP HANA analytic view

16.   Download data from an SAP Business Warehouse query 

17.   Connect to Hortonworks Sandbox 

18.   Connect to MapR Sandbox with Apache Drill

19.   Connect to Cloudera Sandbox

20.   Acquire unstructured data using the Mongo DB data access extension

21.   Create a document online using SAP HANA 

Preparing Data

22. Edit and cleanse a dataset 

23. Manage measures in a dataset

24. Create a time hierarchy 

25.  Create a geographic hierarchy based on location names 

26.  Create a geographic hierarchy based on latitude and longitude

27.   Create a custom hierarchy

28.   Create groups 

29.   Create a calculated measure or dimension in a dataset 

Visualizing Data

30.  Build visualizations

31.  Sort, rank, calculate, and filter values in a visualization 

32.  Create a predictive calculation 

33.   Create a trellis effect in a visualization

34.   Change chart formatting 

35.   Apply conditional formatting

36.   Create visualizations using Esri maps 

37.   Use a custom visualization extension 

38.   Blend data in a visualization 

39.   Create reference lines in a visualization 

40.  Create a custom calculation in a visualization

41.   Create a measure color palette from preferences and visualizations 

42.   Create a dimension color palette from preferences and visualizations 

43.   Connect to Esri ArcGIS server using On Premise connection 

Composing Stories

44.  Create a story

45.  Create a story based on a template 

46.   Add pictures, pictograms, shapes, and text to a story

47.   Create a hyperlink in a story 

48.   Add dynamic text to a story 

49.   Create a shared story filter for charts based on different datasets






Sharing Insights

50.  Export a dataset as a CSV file 

51.  Publish a dataset to SAP HANA 

52.  Publish a dataset to SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 

53.   Publish a story and dataset to SAP Lumira Cloud

54.   Save a document to SAP Lumira Cloud 

55.   Save a document to SAP Lumira, server for teams

56.   Save a document to the SAP Business Intelligence platform

57.   Under standing SAP Lumira Architecture

SAP Lumira

If requried can take Certification

Career Path

It is good by doing and learning this course and much Job Opportunities are there also.

Will this course help me clear the certification exam? +
Which is better - Self-paced training or Instructor-led training? +
Who are the trainers? +
What if I miss a class? +
How will I execute the practical? +
Is the course material accessible after completion of the course? +
Is there any offer/discount that I can avail? +
Will I get a refund if I cancel my enrollment? +
What if I have queries after completion of the course? +

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