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SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)

15 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
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SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) course and certification
599 Learners

About this Course
The SAP PM or plant maintenance is a software solution that is useful to manage every single business maintenance activities such as inspection, alerts, preventive maintenance, and measures taken to maintain a technical system.
SAP PM application component provides an organization with a tool for all maintenance activities to be performed. All the activities that are performed under maintenance are interconnected and hence this module is closely integrated with other modules - Production Planning, Material Management, and Sales and Distribution.
Using SAP PM, you can perform automatic repairs and facilitate maintenance requests in an organization. It allows you to record problems in SAP system, plan labor and material activities, and to record and settle the cost.
In an organization, you can identify, document, manage problems and perform enterprise asset management for any required assets.
To perform these activities, Plant Maintenance contains the following sub modules -
1) Management of technical objects and equipment master record
2) Planning of maintenance task
3) Manage workflow notifications and work orders under maintenance order management
Uplatz brings this comprehensive SAP PM training with focus on each and every concept of SAP Plant Maintenance module, detailed configuration steps and management of SAP PM from a Consultant's point of view as well as from End User's.
Course Objective

The SAP Plant maintenance online certification course offered by SAP is intended for participants to provide the understanding of concepts and skills to excel in managing business processes in plant maintenance, handle technical objects, perform preventive measures when needed and view analytics in enterprise asset management.
Course Description

Well-organized plant maintenance is important to a company's ability to optimize and compensate its production processes. For enterprise or companies using SAP's R/3 server system, the effective implementation and usage of the SAP Plant Maintenance component signifies a strategy with vast practical benefits.
SAP PM online certification course offers a clear outline to this small but efficient component and provides a step by step practical guide to implement SAP PM. To start with an examination of the key business processes with PM module functionality, the Course focuses to cover all the vital aspects of maintenance planning and execution in SAP R/3 system. Main attention is given to integrating plant maintenance with a company's natural process flow.

Target Audience

• Business Process Owner
• Industry Specialist
• Project Manager


SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)

Course Details & Curriculum

1. Overview: SAP

•      SAP Business Suite 

•      Navigation (system handling) 

•      Plant Maintenance Overview


2. PM Organizational Structure

•      Maintenance Plant

•      Planning Plant

•      Planner Groups


3. Master Data

•      Material Master

•      Equipment BOM

•      Equipment Task list

•      Functional Location

•      Equipment

•      Work Center

•      Class

•      Characteristics

•      Codes and Catalogs

•      Tasks and Activities

•      Standard Text Keys

•      Measuring Point and Measuring counter


4. Maintenance Processing - Planning

•      Breakdown and Corrective Maintenance

•      Creation of Maintenance Notification

•      Employee Planning in operation and Split 

•      Material Requirement Planning

•      Release of Maintenance Notification

•      Maintenance Order creation from Notification

•      Purchase Order creation of Maintenance Materials


5. Execution of Maintenance Processing

•      Maintenance Order Release

•      Closing of Maintenance Order

•      Confirmation of Maintenance Order 

•      Closing of Maintenance Order

•      Goods issue for Maintenance Order

•      Creation of Measuring Document


6. Execution of MM Integration Processes

•      Creation of Purchase Requisition

•      Creation of Purchase Order

•      Posting Goods Receipt Via MIGO

•      Creation of Material Master

•      Concept of Split valuation in Material Master


7. Preventive Maintenance

•      Time based strategy Plan 

•      Performance based strategy Plan

•      Maintenance Strategy

•      Condition based Maintenance 

•      Creation of Maintenance Plan •Preventive Maintenance Order execution 

•      Concept of Route Based Maintenance Plan

•      Scheduling of Maintenance Plan

•      Deadline Monitoring


8. Refurbishment of Spare Parts

•      Spare Parts

•      Serialisation Procedure

•      Internal Refurbishment of spare parts Processing

•      External Refurbishment via Sub-Contracting Process



9. Inspection of Measuring Equipment 

•      Integration with Quality Management

•      MIC Creation

•      Sampling Procedure /Sampling Methods

•      Calibration inspection plan creation

•      Calibration inspection order creation


10. Various Reports in PM module

•      Equipment Reports 

•      Maintenance Order Reports

•      Functional Location Reports

•      Creation of Global Variants in Reports

•      Creation of User Specific Variants in Reports

•      Other Reports


11. Basic Concept of Work Clearance Management

•      Work Clearance Approval

•      Work Clearance Application

•      Work Clearance Documents

12. Pool Asset Management Process

•      Demand Planning

•      Demand Planning with Graphical Planning Board

•      Issue of Pool asset

•      Return of Pool asset

13. Basic Concept of Investment Management via Maintenance Order

•      Creation of Investment Profile

•      Assignment of Investment Profile in Maintenance order


14. Important Configuration and Integration with other modules  

•      Configuration steps involved in PM 

•      PM integration with MM, PP, QM and FI/CO modules


Career Path

The SAP PM online certification course trained by expert professionals provides wide range of job opportunities owing its efficiency in handling plant maintenance and business processes. The leading companies hire SAP PM consultants to manage plant maintenance activities effectively. 

The following are the job titles:

  • PM Consultant

  • PM Functional Consultant

  • PM Senior Functional Consultant

  • Project Manager


Job Prospects

The SAP PM consultant draws an average salary of $132,909 per year based on seniority level.


SAP PM Interview Questions


  1. Define SAP PM?

SAP PM is referred as application component which provides comprehensive solution for all business maintenance activities that occurs within a company. The graphical user interface is user-friendly and quickly adapts the user acceptance.


  1. Does the functional location structure indicator stay unique across the system?

The functional location structure indicator is unique across the client but not with the systems.


  1. What must be done if the user has functional locations with same number in several plants?

The user must make use of the plant reference number as the first level contact of the functional location structure.


  1. Mention the menu path for showing the functional location structure in list form and via graphic?

Plant maintenance­čí¬Technical Objects­čí¬Functional Location­čí¬Structural Display


  1. Mention few examples on functional location structure?

Chemical process, Energy, property management, Transport, Steelworks, production line.


  1. List out the steps to be defined while customizing alternative labeling?

Active alternative labelling and indicators are used for primary label. Create new structure indicator, define label system.


  1. What are the steps to define an own view of alternative label?

Active alternative labelling, define labelling system for functional locations, enter label internal view.


  1. Mention the menu path to create a user profile?

Plant maintenance­čí¬Technical Objects­čí¬Functional Location­čí¬Labels­čí¬User Profile.


  1. List out the functions determined by the functional location category?

Change documents, Status profile, asset, object information key, partner determination, measure point category.


  1. List out the key activities of SAP PM?

The SAP PM contains below given key activities:

  • Inspection

  • Measure and begin the technical system condition.

  • Maintain preventive measure to deal with technical system condition.


  1. Mention the integrated modules associated with SAP PM?

SAP PM is closely associated with modules such as material management, production, sales and distribution, personnel management and controlling.


  1. What is the role of an equipment master?

Equipment master relates to one of the master data elements within the operation and maintenance domain.


  1. List out the fields to be filled for an equipment master record?

The fields depend based on the equipment. The fields which is filled for an equipment master are:

Equipment category, Planning plant, Maintenance plant, and location field. 


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