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Adobe Photoshop

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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Adobe Photoshop course and certification
214 Learners

About this Course

Adobe photoshop online course refers to the raster graphics editor developed by Adobe Inc. The Adobe photoshop online course intention is to create an image from base and do require alterations in the existing images.


Course Objective

The Adobe photoshop training is intended for the individuals who seek to implement their knowledge, skills and expand their career as an adobe photoshop developer. The dedicated mentors make sure the learners to cover all topics under adobe photoshop curriculum which will be useful for their career growth. Uplatz offers accounts training to become a skilled adobe photoshop developer.


Target Audience

The adobe photoshop training course is intended for the below mentioned target audience, still if you are a newbie and want to make a career as an adobe photoshop developer then the adobe photoshop training course is the best option you can choose.

  • Web Designers

  • Design professionals

  • Image editors


Adobe Photoshop

Course Details & Curriculum

Adobe photoshop course program will allow the participants gain complete proficiency in making use of the graphics editing program which is compatible on different operating systems and available in variety of languages.

The Adobe photoshop course is ideally developed for photoshop professionals who require an understanding of media and picture editing, enhancement process. 

In the Adobe photoshop training course, Uplatz provides an in-depth training for the participants or learners to make them understand the experience of developing core skills to gear up related to Adobe photoshop developer. 

The Adobe photoshop training course intention is to provide proper guidelines to get used with the user-friendly software and set free your creativity.

With the help of adobe photoshop online course, the learners can:

  • Set project requirements

  • Able to identify the needs, audience and the intention for preparing images

  • Demonstrate subject and skills of project management tasks and responsibilities

  • Understand knowledge of image resolution, image sizing and image file 

  • Learn how to apply design principles, elements and compose an image

  • Learn how to use photoshop guidelines and rules

  • Transform images in better form

  • Adjust the tone range, colour and distortions of an image

  • Learn how to prepare images for web, print and video format

Uplatz provides an in-depth training to the learners to accelerate their knowledge and skill set required for an adobe photoshop developer.

Adobe Photoshop

The Adobe photoshop certification exam validates that the participants possess the hands-on experience to effectively handle the adobe product and get familiar with the features and capabilities. Uplatz online training ensures to impart the subject knowledge and equip the participants to successfully go through the adobe photoshop certification exam. 

Below mentioned are other details about adobe photoshop certification exam:

  • Exam Mode: Online

  • Prerequisite: None; course attendance is highly recommended


Please note that no hard-copy or other online materials should be referenced during the exam.


Career Path

The adobe photoshop certification course with the help of expert professionals training is recognized across the globe. Because of the increased adoption of the adobe graphic designer tool in various companies the participants are able to find the job opportunity easily. The leading companies hire adobe photoshop developer considering their skill of mastering and their contribution towards design industry.  The adobe photoshop developer can pursue a wide range of career paths.

The following are the job titles:

  • Web designer

  • Photoshop designer

  • Graphic designers

  • Graphics editor


Job Prospects

The adobe certified associate in visual design using adobe photoshop draws an average salary of $55,064 per year depending on the knowledge and hands-on experience. The adobe certified photoshop developer roles are in high demand and make a rewarding career.
Interview Question

  1. Define Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe photoshop is a software developed by Adobe to create and edit images and logos. Using adobe photoshop adjustment and modification can be done.

  1.  How to re-size an image in Photoshop?

 To resize an image in Photoshop go to menu bar, below menu bar select an option “Image Size”. On selecting that option, i a dialog box is opened, through which you can adjust the size of the image.

  1. Define Gradient in Adobe Photoshop?

Gradients are used to introduce eye-catching and flashy graphics in your pages.

  1. Mention the Photoshop’s work areas?

The Photoshop’s work area comprises Application Bar, Option Bar, Panel Dock and Tools panel.

  1. Detail how you can print the grid?

First and foremost you have to place the non-printing grid in a manner you require the print, and then capture a screen shot.  Then, you have to open a new file and paste the captured screen shot image on it. Once placed, you can crop the background of the Photoshop window without touching the image with the grid. The image is ready for print.

  1. Define image resizing? 

To meet a particular purpose of any application resizing of the images is done.

  1. what should be the parameters to change the size of the picture?

The parameters to change the size of an image are:

  • Type of image or picture

  • Size of pixels

  • Background resolution

  1. Define smart object?

In Photoshop CS2 and above versions, there is  a special layer known as Smart Object Layer. Smart objects offers freedom to work with multiple copies of a single object. The multiple copies are updated simultaneously when single object is updated. Also, any alterations in the adjustment of layers and layer styles of a single object can be done without affecting the multiple copies. 

  1. How to alter pixel based object multiple times and what will be the pixel effect?

Without any loss in pixel, pixel based objects can be changed several times.

  1.  How to organize layers in Photoshop?

A layer represents a picture or image. To form layers in Photoshop, place various images in separate layers. Lock the unused layers and unlock the layers which need to be used. When two or more layers need to be altered, unlock the layers.

  1.  How to unlock the background in Photoshop?

To unlock the background image, first click on the picture and then choose MODE option.  After that, select the option GRAY SCALE and revert to LAYER. Then double click on the surface, the surface will be unlocked.

  1. How to choose an exact color to match?

To sample the color as foreground color, the eye-dropper tool is used.   Select the foreground color square, make use of the paint bucket tool for covering the area. You can also make use of the Clone Stamp Tool.  Now apply the key Alt+ and click where you want the color from and hold down the mouse button to cover up the area.

  1.  Define healing tool?

Healing tool is used in Photoshop to hide the unwanted spots or pictures that appeared in your original picture and alters picture like real without any changes.  

  1.  How to create an artistic border?

To create an artistic border, you need to select an image. Then, add a layer mask in a layer pallet then go to filter-> brush strokes-> sprayed strokes.


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