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Accounts Payable in SAP

10 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
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Accounts Payable in SAP course and certification
175 Learners

About this Course

Accounts Payable in SAP is an integral part of Financial Accounting where it helps in managing the deliveries and invoices according to the vendors. The system automatically posts in response to the operational transactions and in the same way it works on the Cash Management application supporting the invoices in order to optimize liquidity planning for the enterprises. Here, the standard payment methods support all types of transactions like checks and even electronic transfers. Any posting made in the Accounts payable is directly updated in General Ledger.

Some of the features of Accounts Payable in SAP include:

-> Customizing; where users need to customize the settings for invoices from other European country vendors.

-> Master Data; which maintains the master data of the vendors.

-> Day-to-day activities; includes entering invoices, payments, and other documents.

-> Reporting; uses the supplied report to prepare a list of vendor balances and also open vendor items.

In this course, students will be able to learn the creation of vendor account groups and number ranges for vendor master records, creation of vendor master and tolerance group for vendors, creation of payment terms, house banks and account ID’s, and many more.

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to make their career as an SAP Consultant along with a Certificate of Completion on the course from Uplatz.

Accounts Payable in SAP

Course Details & Curriculum

Course Curriculum - Accounts Payable in SAP

Creation of vendor account groups
Creation of number ranges for vendor master records
Assignment of number ranges to vendor account groups
Creation of tolerance group for vendors
Creation of vendor master (display/change/block/unblock of vendor master)
Posting of vendor transactions (invoice posting, payment posting, credit memo)
Display Vendor balances and G/L Balances
Configuration Settings for advance payments to Vendors (down payment) 
Clearing of down payment against invoices (special GL transactions)
Posting of partial Payment & Residual Payment
Creation of payment terms,
Creation of house banks and account ids.
Creation of check lots and Creation of void reasons
Maintenance of check register
Display check register
Cancellation of unissued checks
Cancellation of issued checks
posting of purchase returns.
Configuration of automatic payment program
Defining correspondence & party statement of accounts

Career Path

SAP Consultant

Job Prospects


Accounts Payable in SAP Interview Questions



1. What are segments in Vendor Master ?

a. General Data segment

b. Company code segment

c. Purchase Organisation segment


2. What is Vendor Account Group ?

Vendor Account Group is to bifurcate the vendors like FI Vendors, MM Vendors, Foreign Vendors, Domestic Vendors.


3. What are the steps for creating Vendor ?

a.  Account Group of Vendor

b.  Create Number ranges for Vendor account.

c.   Assign number ranges for vendor account group.

d.  Document types for vendor accounts

e.  Create G/L master record for sundry creditor

f.   Create vendor master record.


4. What is a special G/L Transactions ?

Special G/L transactions are transactions that are not normal business transactions with our business partners.They are generally shown in different control ledgers and are not grouped with the normal transactions. They include Bills of exchange, Down Payment, Bank Guarantees.


5. What is special purpose Ledger ?

Special purpose ledger is used for reporting purpose. It receives the data from all modules and summarizes the data for user defined reporting purpose.


6. What is Cash Management Group ?

In the cash management group customer and vendors are allocated to planing groups by means of an entry made in the master record.

Vendor Master Group                                                 Customer Planning Group

E1 – Domestic vendor                                             R1 – Customer Paying by bank

E2 – Vendors abroad                                               R2 – Other domestic customers

E3 – Affiliate Company vendors                                R3 – Customer abroad

E4 – Major Vendor                                                   R4 – Affiliate company customers


7. At what level are the customers & Vendors codes are stored ?

The customer and vendor codes are at the client level, that means any company code can use the vendor and customer code by extending the company code view in their master data.


8. How are the Vendor Invoice payment made ?

Manual Payments without the use if any output medium like cheques etc.

Automatic payment programs through cheques, wire transfers, DMS etc.


9. Can we change the reconciliation account in the vendor master ?

Yes, Reconciliation account can be changes in the vendor master provided that the authority to change has been configured. Normally we should not change the reconciliation account.


10. What is the impact on the old balance when the reconciliation account in the Vendor Master is changed ?

Any change you make to the reconciliation account is prospective and not retrospective . The old items and balances do not reflect the new account, only new transactions reflect the account.


11. How do you configure a special G/L indicator for the Vendor and Customer ?

You can use the existing special G/L indicator ID or create a new one. To update the chart of accounts and the reconciliation account.Also the last steps you need to update the special G/L code.


12. What do you mean by Down Payment ?

Down Payment are used for short or medium Financing. Down payments are generally made before production. Down payments must be displayed separately in the balance sheet.


13. Where we give the link for Down Payment posting ?

Special G/L to Reconciliation


14. How can you link vendor as a customer, customer as a vendor ?

Yes, it is possible, we can give the link in vendor master data under Control Data(XK02).


15. What are Payment terms ?

Terms of payment are  the conditions established between business partners to settle the invoices.


16. In Payment Terms configuration, what are the options available for setting a default date ?

There are 4 options available

1. No Default    2. Posting date   3. Document date  and   4.Entry Date.

Posting Date is “goods receipt date”. Document date is “party bill date”. Entry date is “Quality approved date”.


17. Where are the Payment terms for vendor master maintained ?

Payment terms for vendor master can be maintained at two places i.e in Accounting View  and  Purchasing View.


18. What are Terms of Payment ?


Terms of payment are the conditions to settle the invoices. The payment terms are used to determine base line date for due date of invoices. Cash discount periods, Cash discount percentage.



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