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Designing a DevOps Strategy

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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Designing a DevOps Strategy course and certification
214 Learners

About this Course
This course provides the knowledge and skills to design a DevOps strategy. Students will learn how to plan for transformation, select a project, and create team structures. Students will also learn how to develop quality and security strategies. Planning for migrating and consolidating artifacts and source control will also be covered.


Course Objective

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Plan for the transformation with shared goals and timelines.

  • Select a project and identify project metrics and KPIs.

  • Create a team and agile organizational structure.

  • Develop a project quality strategy.

  • Plan for secure development practices and compliance rules.

  • Migrate and consolidate artifacts.

  • Migrate and integrate source control measures.


Target Audience

Students in this course are interested in planning DevOps projects or in passing the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions certification exam.


Designing a DevOps Strategy

Course Details & Curriculum

Module 1: Planning for DevOps

In this module, students will learn about transformation planning, project selection, and team structures.

Lessons for module 1

  • Transformation Planning
  • Project Selection
  • Team Structures

Lab : Agile Planning and Portfolio Management with Azure Boards

Module 2: Planning for Quality and Security

In this module, students will learn about developing a quality strategy and planning for secure development.

Lessons for module 2

  • Planning a Quality Strategy
  • Planning Secure Development

Lab : Feature Flag Management with LaunchDarkly and AzureDevOps

In this module, students will learn about migrating and consolidating artifacts, and migrating and integrating source control measures.

Lessons for module 3

  • Migrating and Consolidating Artifacts
  • Migrating and Integrating Source Control

Lab : Integrating Azure Repos and Azure Pipelines with Eclipse


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