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Java Programming

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1120
Java Programming course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course
Java is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It is used to develop desktop and mobile applications, big data processing, embedded systems, and so on. According to Oracle, the company that owns Java, Java runs on 3 billion devices worldwide, which makes Java one of the most popular programming languages.


Java Programming

Course Details & Curriculum
1. Edit, compile, and run a Java program
2. Use conditionals and loops in a Java program
3. Use Java API documentation in writing programs
4. Debug a Java program using the scientific method
5. Write a Java method to solve a specific problem
6. Develop a set of test cases as part of developing a program
7. Create a class with multiple methods that work together to solve a problem
8. Use divide-and-conquer design techniques for a program that uses multiple methods.
9. Read and write data from/to files
10. Solve problems involving data files
11. Perform quantitative analyses of data (e.g., finding maximums, minimums, averages)
12. Store and manipulate data in an array or ArrayList
13. Combine multiple classes to solve larger problems
14. Use iterables and collections (including maps) in Java.

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