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Oracle HCM Cloud: Configure Enterprise and Workforce Structures

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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Oracle HCM Cloud: Configure Enterprise and Workforce Structures course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course

This Oracle HCM Cloud: Configure Enterprise and Workforce Structures training teaches you how to implement and configure the Workforce Deployment business process area to maintain information related to people, employment, and work structures.

Course Objective

  • Implement Workforce Deployment to define an enterprise structure
  • Understand key aspects of structuring your workforce during an implementation
  • Perform functional HR tasks to test your set up
Target Audience

  • Implementer


Oracle HCM Cloud: Configure Enterprise and Workforce Structures

Course Details & Curriculum

1.       Course Overview

·       Course Objectives

·       Course Agenda

·       Information Sources

2.       Human Capital Management Overview

·       Examining Global Human Resources

·       Working with Oracle HR and Payroll Country Extensions

·       Using Predefined HSDL Spreadsheets

3.       Defining Geographies

·       Planning Geography Structure

·       Deploying Geographies

·       Setting Up Validation

4.       Setting Up Enterprise Structures

·       Reviewing Enterprise Structure Configuration (ESC)

·       Managing Enterprise

·       Working with Business Units

·       Loading Enterprise Configuration

5.       Managing Enterprise HCM Information

·       Managing Enterprise HCM Information

·       Reviewing the Employment Model

·       Generating Person, Worker, and Assignment Numbers

·       Examining Person Records

·       Configuring Seniority Date Rules

6.       Managing Legal Entities

·       Defining Enterprise and Legal Entities

·       Managing Legal Addresses

·       Reviewing Legal Reporting Units

·       Analysing Legislative Data Groups

·       Managing Legal Entity HCM Information

7.       Creating Reference Data Sets and Business Units

·       Defining Reference Data Sets

·       Examining Set IDs

·       Analysing Business Units

8.       Setting Up Locations and Organizations

·       Working with Locations

·       Accessing Location Sets

·       Defining HCM Organizations

·       Creating Divisions and Departments

·       Assembling HCM Trees

9.       Executing Actions and Defining Union Information

·       Working with Action, Action Reasons, and Action Types

·       Defining Union and Bargaining Units

·       Defining Collective Agreements

10.    Setting Up Base Compensation

·       Examining Grades

·       Looking at Grade Steps

·       Defining Grade Rates

·       Reviewing Grade Ladders

·       Managing Salary Basis

11.    Managing Jobs

·       Setting Up and Maintaining Jobs

·       Reviewing Job Lookups

·       Reviewing Job Families

·       Determining Evaluation Criteria

12.    Managing Positions

·       Examining Position Management

·       Setting Up and Maintaining Jobs and Positions

·       Synchronizing Positions

·       Enabling the Position Hierarchy

·       Validating Position Incumbents

13.    Defining Availability, Lookups, and Profile Options

·       Defining Availability

·       Configuring Primary Work Schedules

·       Working with Calendar Event Categories

·       Reviewing Work Schedule Types

·       Working with Profile Option Levels

·       Reviewing Person Lookup Types

·       Exploring Assignment Statuses

14.    Working with Person Record and Employment Record Values

·       Defining Person Record Values

·       Reviewing Person Types

·       Examining Person Name Formats

·       Exploring Assignment Statuses

·       Examining Employment Lookups



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