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Oracle HCM Cloud: Reporting and Analytics

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 2800
Oracle HCM Cloud: Reporting and Analytics course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course

This Oracle HCM Cloud: Reporting and Analytics training teaches you how to use Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) to create and share HCM analytics and reports. You gain hands-on experience with the reporting functionality used to manage reporting and analytics in Oracle HCM Cloud.

Course Objective

  • Describe the purpose and format of Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)
  • Use OTBI to create a wide variety of objects
  • Display and distribute documents
Target Audience

  • Analyst
  • Developer
  • End User
  • Manager

Oracle HCM Cloud: Reporting and Analytics

Course Details & Curriculum
  • Course Overview
    • Course Objectives
    • Information Sources
    • Course Agenda
    • Outline of Course Hands on Activities
  • Introduction to OTBI
    • Describe OTBI
    • Explain How OTBI is Used
    • Examine Role-Base Access Control
    • Examine Security Reference Implementation
  • Getting Started with Reporting and Analytics
    • View Reports and Analyses
    • Specify Preferences
    • Examine Sample Analyses
  • Scoping Analysis
    • Explore Analysis Design
    • Assign Titles and Purposes to Analyses
    • Explain the Distribution Options Available for Analyses
  • Examining Subject Areas
    • Review Subject Areas
    • Examine Dimensions and Fact Folders
    • Explore Prepackaged Subject Areas
  • Constructing Custom Analyses
    • Explain the Content Area Structure
    • Determine Content of Custom Analyses
    • Create and Edit Custom Analyses
    • Troubleshoot Analysis Creation
  • Using Filters
    • Describe the Use of Conditions
    • Add Filters to Analyses
    • Use Advanced Filtering Techniques
  • Adding Selection Steps
    • Describe the Use of Selection Steps
    • Add Selection Steps to Analyses
    • Use Selection Steps Based on Conditions
  • Organizing Data within Analyses
    • Include Sections and Table Prompts
    • Put Groups Together
    • Set Up Calculated Items
  • Organizing Analyses
    • Explain the Folder Structure in the Business Intelligence Catalog
    • Create and Manage Folders
    • Print and Export Analyses
  • Using Scheduling Agents
    • Create Agents
    • List Agents
    • Set Up Agents with Conditions
    • Manage Agent Alerts
  • Incorporating Visual Aids into Analysis
    • Describe Views and View Editors
    • Explain Compound Layouts
    • Create Graphs
    • Apply Conditional Formatting
  • Understanding Advanced Analysis Views
    • Create Trellis Views
    • Construct Gauges
    • Examine Legend, Narrative, Ticker, Logical SQL, and View Selector Views
  • Using Analysis Tools
    • Specify Analysis Properties
    • Insert Column Selectors into Analyses
    • Set Up Master-Detail Channels
  • Restructuring Data
    • Use Bins to Manage Data Reorganization
    • Merge Analysis Criteria with Set Operations
  • Scoping Dashboards
    • Describe Dashboards
    • Scope Dashboards
  • Building Dashboards
    • Build Dashboards
    • Add Content
    • Edit Dashboard Properties
    • Specify Dashboard Preferences
  • Creating KPIs
  • Creating Briefing Books



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