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Oracle HCM Cloud: Using Global Human Resources

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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Oracle HCM Cloud: Using Global Human Resources course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course

This Oracle HCM Cloud: Using Global Human Resources training teaches you how to use human resource functional tasks. This end-user training contains activities where human resource specialists and line managers can perform such varied functional tasks as hiring persons, managing employment and maintain worker directories.

Course Objective

  • Create new person records for employees, contingent workers, non-workers, and pending workers
  • Use Global HR to perform functional tasks
  • Manage work relationships, and assignments for the workers to whom they have security access
  • Manage direct reports
  • Enable access to the worker directory and management of worker document records and checklists
Target Audience

  • Administrator
  • End User
  • Implementer

Oracle HCM Cloud: Using Global Human Resources

Course Details & Curriculum
  • Course Overview
    • Learning Objectives
    • Course Agenda
    • Informational Sources
  • Using Global Human Resources
    • Examining Human Resources Work Areas
    • HR Roles and Related Tasks
    • Workforce Lifecycle
    • Exploring Employee information
    • Exploring the Workforce Directory
    • Leveraging Workforce Modeling and Predictions
  • Reviewing Enterprise Structure
    • Building Enterprise Structure Components
    • Reviewing Legal Entity Tasks
    • Providing Legislative Data Groups
    • Examining Reference Data Sets and Business Units
  • Managing Work Structure
    • Examining the Workforce Structures Work Area
    • Working with Locations and Organizations
    • Managing Departments
    • Managing Jobs and Positions
  • Adding People
    • Exploring the New Person Work Area
    • Defining Pending Workers
    • Hiring Employees
    • Creating Person Records
  • Managing Person Information
    • Examining the Person Management Work Area
    • Managing Personal Information
    • Reviewing Person Records
    • Updating Personal Details
    • Using Person Management Search
  • Managing Employment Processes
    • Managing Employment
    • Defining Assignments
    • Examining Manage Salary
    • Leveraging Employment Actions
    • Terminating Work Relationships
  • Managing Directs, Mass Updates, and Areas of Responsibility
    • Managing Eligible Jobs
    • Managing Direct Reports
    • Examining Areas of Responsibility
  • Working with Seniority Dates and Schedules 
    • Managing Seniority Dates
    • Configuring Seniority Dates
    • Managing Work Schedule Assignment Administration
    • Determining Worker Availability
  • Working with Positions
    • Synchronizing Positions
    • Reviewing Position Management Hierarchy
    • Tracking Positions
    • Updating Positions
    • Working with the Graphical Position Hierarchy Layout
  • Working with Manager Self-Service
    • Using the Directory
    • Leveraging Line Manager Self-Service
    • Using the Add and Change Assignment Guided Processes
    • Exploring Line Manager Actions
    • Reviewing Analytics
  • Working with Employee Self-Service
    • Viewing the Employee Role
    • Personalizing Applications
    • Exploring Personal Information
    • Reviewing Employment Information
    • Editing Document Records
  • Managing Notifications and Approvals
    • Reviewing Approval Management
    • Examining the Worklist
    • Working with Notifications and Approvals
  • Managing Document Records
    • Working with Document Records
    • Managing Document Types, Categories, and Statuses
    • Defining Document Delivery Preferences
  • Using Checklists with Onboarding
    • Implementing and Using Onboarding
    • Creating Checklist Templates
    • Creating Tasks
  • Course Summary
  • Examining HCM Work Life
    • Exploring the Types of Branding
    • Using Social Reputation
    • Working with Wellness
    • Using Competitions
    • Examining Volunteering



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