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Robot Framework Online Training and Job Support Services

25 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 500
Robot Framework Online Training and Job Support Services course and certification
78 Learners

About this Course

Robot Framework Online Training and Job Support Services

Course Details & Curriculum

Robot Framework Online Training is delivered by Glory IT Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  Fastest & easiest way to do API Test automation, Selenium Test Automation, Mobile Test Automation and database too Robot Framework is a pre-built Test Automation Framework. By comparison... Robot Framework is much easier to learn than Selenium Web driver (with Java, Python, C#, or PHP) because your scripts are written with English words instead of code.

         If you're already an experienced user of Selenium Web driver, QTP,UFT or  Cucumber, you will learn quickly how Capable and elegant an Robot Framework is compared to those tools.

What are the requirements?

·         This course assumes you have a software testing background and you know how to create a manual test case

·         No previous programming or Selenium Web driver or test automation experience is necessary

What am I going to get from this course?

·         Install & configure the Robot Framework test automation tool plus libraries like Selenium, API, database, and more

·         Run/execute Robot Framework automated tests in many different ways, including from a command window, batch files, Jenkins, and Windows task scheduler

·         Create & run your first Robot Framework test automation script (Selenium Web driver example)

·         Use the page object pattern to create more reusable, easier to interpret test automation scripts

·         Create user defined keywords to express your tests in business domain terms instead of cryptic Selenium Web driver code

·         Understand the basics of many Robot Framework test automation libraries (Selenium Web driver, API, Database, XML, Files, etc.).


  • Basics of python
  • Testers who knows python programming

Course Content

Getting Started

  • Introduction
  • Installation and uninstallation
  • Demonstrations

Creating Test Data

  • Test data syntax
  • Creating test cases
  • Creating test suites
  • Using test libraries
  • Variables
  • Creating user keywords
  • Resource and variable files
  • Advanced features

Executing Test Cases

  • Basic usage
  • Test execution
  • Post-processing outputs
  • Configuring execution
  • Created outputs

Extending Robot Framework

  • Creating test libraries
  • Remote library interface
  • Using listener interface
  • extending the Robot Framework Jar

Supporting Tools

  • Library documentation tool (libdoc)
  • Test data documentation tool (testdoc)
  • Test data clean-up tool (tidy)
  • Other tools distributed with Robot Framework
  • External tools


  • All available settings in test data
  • All command line options
  • Test data templates
  • Documentation formatting
  • Time format
  • Internal API



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