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SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool Training

40 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 560 (USD 1120)
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SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool Training online course and certification
78 Learners

About this Course
SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool Training Course

SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool Training

Course Details & Curriculum

·       Basic SAP BusinessObjects Universe Design

o   Describing Universes

o   Working with Local Projects

·       Data Connections

o   Defining Connections

·       Data Foundations

o   Creating Data Foundations

o   Using Joins

·       Business Layers

o   Accessing Data through the Business Layer

o   Integrating the Business Layer Components

o   Validating Objects

o   Creating Measure Objects

·       Shared Projects

o   Using Shared Projects

o   Manipulating Other Designers' Resources

·       Universe Deployment

o   Deploying a Universe

·       Loops in a Data Foundation

o   Creating Loops on the Data Foundation

o   Resolving Loops Using Aliases

o   Resolving Recursive Loops

o   Resolving Loops Using Contexts

·       Data Restrictions

o   Defining Data Restrictions

o   Applying Mandatory Data Restrictions

o   Applying Optional Data Restrictions

·       Lists of Values (LOVs)

o   Defining a List of Values

o   Associating a List of Values to a Business Layer Object

·       Parameters

o   Creating and Using a Parameter

·       Navigation Paths

o   Defining and Creating Navigation Paths

·       SQL Traps

o   Defining SQL Traps

o   Identifying a Chasm Trap

o   Resolving a Chasm Trap

o   Identifying a Fan Trap

o   Resolving a Fan Trap

·       Object @Functions

o   Using @Functions in SQL

o   Using the @AggregateAware function

o   Using the @Select Function

o   Using the @Where Function

o   Using the @Execute Function

o   Using the @Variable Function

·       Extending the Data Foundation with Derived Tables and Calculated Columns

o   Creating and Using Derived Tables

o   Creating and Using Calculated Columns

·       Universe Optimization

o   Optimizing Universes

·       Universe Management with Data Foundation and Business Layer Views

o   Managing the Data Foundation Using Views

o   Managing the Business Layer Using Views

·       Universe Security

o   Securing a Deployed Universe with Security Profiles

o   Creating and Assigning Universe Security Profiles

o   Identifying the Priority of Security Settings

o   Updating a Deployed Universe

·       Ambiguous Outer Join Resolution

o   Resolving an Ambiguous Outer Join

·       Universe Creation with Different Data Sources

o   Identifying Different Data Sources

o   Creating an OLAP Universe

o   Creating a Universe from a BEx Query

o   Creating a Multisource Universe

o   Creating and Using Federated Tables

·       Linked Universes

o   Defining and Creating a Linked Universe

o   Special Considerations of Linked Universes

o   Managing Core Universes

o   Prioritizing the Display of Tables Common to Multiple Core Data Foundations

o   Including a Core Universe

·       Universe Conversion

o   Converting Existing unv Universes

·       Universe Translation

o   Deploying a Universe in Different Languages

·       Advanced Data Manipulation in the Business Layer

o   Using SQL to Manipulate Data

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