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SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Rich Client

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
Save 50% Offer ends on 31-Dec-2023
SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Rich Client course and certification

About this Course
SAP BusinessObjects Web-Intelligence Rich Client Course

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Rich Client

Course Details & Curriculum

SAP Business Objects Web-Intelligence Rich Client 

Introducing Web Intelligence
Accessing information with Web Intelligence
Understanding how universes allow you to query databases using everyday business terms
Create reports using web services as a Data source
Understanding Web Intelligence core functionalities
Creating a document in the Web Intelligence Rich Client
Creating Web Intelligence Documents with Queries
Building a simple query
Restricting data with query filters
Applying a single-value query filter
Using prompts to restrict data
Using complex filters
Report Design
Working in the Report Panel
Displaying data in tables and charts
Presenting data in free-standing cells
Enhancing the Presentation of Data in Reports
Using breaks, calculations, and report filters
Formatting breaks and crosstabs
Using default and custom sorts
Ranking data to see top or bottom values
Tracking data changes
Using alerters to highlight information
Organizing a report into sections
Copying data to other applications
Formatting Reports
Preparing documents for PDF and print
Calculating Data with Formulas and Variables
Understanding formulas and variables
Understanding how Web Intelligence calculates data
Creating formulas and variables to calculate data
Using Multiple Data Sources
Adding a new query using a personal data provider
Creating multiple queries in a document
Synchronizing data with merged dimensions
Analyzing Data
Drilling into the data
Setting Web Intelligence drill options
Using sub-queries
Creating a query based on another query
Changing data sources
Using the query drill
Using query sampling
Understanding dimensions and details
Character and Date String Functions
Using character string functions
Concatenating different data types
Using date functions
Calculation Contexts
Understanding calculation contexts
Redefining calculation contexts
Using If Logic
Grouping data with If() logic
Additional Reporting Techniques
Using data tracking
Displaying data restricted by a filter or ranking
Using additional report functions
Linking to Documents
Linking to documents and URLs in Web Intelligence
Creating hyperlinks in the HTML Report Panel
Creating hyperlinks in the Web Intelligence Rich Client and Java Report Panel

SAP Business Objects Web-Intelligence Rich Client Course Certificate

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