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SAP Sales and Distribution

35 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 980
SAP Sales and Distribution course and certification
1 Learner

About this Course
SD stands for Sales and Distribution. SD is one of the core modules of SAP. This course contains 35 hours demonstrating both the theory and hands-on on how to configure the major areas of SAP SD. If you are from a Sales or Customer Service background and you want to enter into the functional consulting world of SAP, this is the module for you.

SAP Sales and Distribution

Course Details & Curriculum

1  Introduction      

2  SAP GUI Setup

    2.1 SAP GUI Installation and Configuration  

3  Order to Cash Cycle

                3.1 Inquiry  

                3.2 Quotation 

                3.3 Sales Order 

                3.4 Delivery 

                3.5 Picking/Packing and PGI 

                3.6 Invoices 

                3.7 Quiz 

4   Master Data

                4.1 Master Data Overview  

                4.2 Customer Master 

                4.3 Customer Master notes 

                4.4 Material MasterSignificance of Material Master Data

                             Important Fields


                 4.5 Material Master Grouping 

                 4.6 Customer Master Customization 

                 4.7 Blocking Customer Master Data 

                 4.8 Quiz 

5  Enterprise Structure

                 5.1 What is Enterprise Structure 

                 5.2 Company and Company Codes 

                 5.3 Sales Areas 

                 5.4 Sales Organisation 

                 5.5 Plants 

                 5.6 Configuration 

                 5.7 Common Distribution Channels and Divisions 

                 5.8 Quiz 

6  Sales Document Type

                 6.1 Business Processes  

                 6.2 Document Type 

                 6.3 Document Type Template 

                 6.4 Copy Document Type 

                 6.5 Number Ranges 

                 6.6 Sales Document Type Configuration 

                 6.7 Notes 

                 6.8 Quiz 

7  Item Category

                 7.1 Bill of MaterialBOM


                 7.2 Item Category Controls and Hands on


8  Schedule Line Category

                 8.1 What is Schedule Line Category  

                 8.2 Schedule Line Category Controls 

                 8.3 Delivery Block 

                 8.4 Movement Type 

                 8.5 Availability and Transfer of Requirements 

                 8.6 NotesSchedule Line Category

9  Delivery and Billing Document Type

                 9.1 Delivery Document Types and Item Categories  

                 9.2 Billing

                                Business Scenarios


                  9.3 Copy Controls

                                Possible Data Flows

                                Requirements and Data Transfer Routines

                                Standard Requirement Routines

                                Custom Requirement Routines

10  Pricing

                  10.1 Introduction to Pricing and Condition technique  

                  10.2 Condition TechniqueField Catalog

                                 Condition Tables

                                 Access Sequence

                                 Condition Type

                                 Pricing Procedure & Determination

                                 Condition Records

                  10.3 Configuration Walk through 

                  10.4 Notes 

                  10.5 Pricing Hands-on

                                Master Data Set-up and Scenario Walkthrough


                   10.6 Notes - Pricing Exercise 

                   10.7 Pricing Procedure



                                Manual Flag

                                Required Flag

                                Statistical Flag

                                Requirement Routine

                                Alternate Calculation Routine

                   10.8 Freight Determination based on Pricing Requirement Routine 

11  SD-FI Interface

                   11.1 Account Determination


                                Scenario & Master Data


                   11.2 Credit Management


                                Simple Credit Management

                                Static Credit Management

                                Dynamic Credit Management


                                End user Transactions

12  Texts

                   12.1 Text Determination 

13  Partners

                   13.1 What is Partner Determination 

                                Partner determination in Transactions 

14  Plants

                   14.1 Plant Determination 

                                Notes - Plant Determination 

15  Contracts

                   15.1 Quantity, Value and Service Contracts 

16  Consignments

                   16.1 Consignment


                                Hands on and Configuration

                                Accounting Entries

17  Customer Material info Records (CMIR)


18  Outputs 

                     Output Determination 

19  Listing and Exclusion 

                     Listing and Exclusion Configuration 

20  Availability Check

                   20.1 Basic Concepts 

                   20.2 Configuration 

21  Route Determination 

                     How are Routes Determined  

22  Documents Status 

                     Status Profile Configuration 

23  Scheduling/Rescheduling and Backorder Processing

                     23.1 Scheduling 

                     23.2 What is a Back-order 

                     23.3 What is Rescheduling  

                     23.4 How to do Back-order Processing 

                     23.5 Summary of Back-order Processing and Rescheduling 

                     23.6 Back order Processing Notes 

24  Landscape 

                     Typical Landscapes 

25 SAP Project lifecycle 

                     Typical Project Lifecycle

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