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30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 210
SAP SD course and certification

About this Course

SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) is an important module of SAP ERP consisting of business processes required in selling, shipping, billing of a product. The module is tightly integrated with other SAP MM & SAP PP. Key sub-modules of SAP SD are Customer and Vendor Master Data, Sales, Delivery, Billing, Pricing and Credit Management.


Course Details & Curriculum

SAP SD Topics


·         Define Company

·         Define Company Code

·         Assign Company Code to Company

·         Define Sales Organization

·         Assign Sales Organization to Company Code

·         Define Distribution Channel

·         Assign Distribution Channel to Sales Organization

·         Define Division

·         Assign Division to Sales Organization

·         Define Sales Office

·         Define Sales Group

·         Define Plant

·         Define Storage Location

·         Define Shipping Point

·         Set up Sales area

·         Assign Sales Office to Sales area

·         Assign Sales Group to Sales Office

·         Assign Plant to Company Code

·         Assign Sales Organization, Distribution Channel to Plant

·         Assign Sales area to Sales document type

·         Assign Shipping Point to Plant

·         Assign Warehouse to Plant and Storage Location

·         Shipping Point Determination

·         Define Customer account groups

·         Define number ranges

·         Assign number ranges to Customer account group

·         Define tolerance group for customers

·         Create Material Master

·         Create Material Stock

·         Material Stock Overview

·         Create Customer Material Information record

·         Pricing procedure Overview

·         Define Condition records

·         Define Condition tables

·         Define access sequence

·         Create Condition types

·         Define Pricing procedure

·         Define Pricing procedure determination

·         Sales activities Overview

·         Create Inquiry

·         Create Quotation

·         Create Sales order

·         Create Debit memo

·         Create credit memo

·         Create Delivery

·         Post Goods Issue

·         Create Return request

·         Create Return delivery document

·         Free of charge delivery

·         Subsequent delivery

·         Consignment Fill up

·         Consignment issue

·         Consignment return

·         Consignment Pick up

·         Billing Document Types

·         Create Invoice

·         Rebates

·         Sales Document Type

·         Item Categories

·         Schedule Line Categories

·         Availability Check

·         Material Inclusion / Exclusion

·         Item Proposal

·         Invoice Correction

·         Define and Assign Blocking reason

·         Credit Management

·         Tax Determination

·         Material Determination

·         Copy Control

·         Free Goods

·         Service Order Process

·         Make To Order Process

·         Partner Function Configuration

·         SAP SD Reports

·         Third Party Sales

·         Inter Company Selling

·         Cross Selling

·         Real Time Scenarios

·         Live Project


SAP Certification

SAP certification is becoming increasingly valuable to employees and businesses as SAP continues to add new applications, tools and interfaces for nearly every area of business management. This platform is recognized worldwide for increasing oversight and efficiency in many functional fields, including accounting, materials management and planning, so training is highly available to employees who wish (or are required) to gain certification.

Career Path

Candidates with in-depth knowledge in the field of S&D as well as those experienced in handling live projects and the implementation of SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) module can apply for the position of an SAP functional SD expert. You can very well proceed to SAP SD since if you have a solid experience in Sales, SAP SD have very good opportunities, As SAP SD is a core module many core companies are looking for the SAP SD implementation level Experts, They want many people with in depth knowledge.


Job Prospects

Sales and Distribution is the core module of SAP. SD is a good career choice. SD is widely used in various industries like manufacturing, insurance, energy, security, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. The future of SAP SD consultants is bright as SD consultants are highly in demand. In SAP Arena, Sales and Distribution is a module that determines the development of requirements, operations, and conditions of business processes linked with order shipping, packing, billing, and delivery. If a candidate is well trained along with certification and knowledge in SAP sales and distribution with the management of projects, he/she will be placed in the top-notch companies that offer good packages. SAP SD has increased marketability along with certification, has various networking opportunities, increases earning potential, increases career growth, and has a very good future scope. 

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