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SharePoint Development using REST

15 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 300
SharePoint Development using REST course and certification
5 Learners

About this Course
Are you a developer wanting to use REST in SharePoint Apps or wanting to learn REST before moving on to Framwork Development.

Are you a programmer or developer in any programming language like Javascript, C# or other programming languages and new to SharePoint Development? If you know how to write a code that reads a REST url and read JSON data  in your language/skill, this course can help you to create stunning SharePoint applications with your skills. Are you having difficulty getting connected to SharePoint from External Systems and the Authentication process makes no sense? This course helps you understand few concepts which can help you to master SharePoint Development using REST. You can use your existing skills to create stunning applications and integrate them with SharePoint. All you need to learn is to construct REST Url to get the needed data in SharePoint. The course starts with an overview of REST, how to construct REST Url to access/modify SharePoint data. After that, you will understand how OAuth is used to access SharePoint data using App Authentication. You will see many SharePoint Applications where REST is used starting with simple PowerShell to complex SharePoint Framework. Some of the applications benefit from REST basics are SharePoint Hosted Apps, Microsoft Flow, Excel, PHP external app, Script Editor Web Part in classic page. Finally, you will see many real world applications of REST in development for SharePoint Apps and the limit is only your imagination.

SharePoint Development using REST

Course Details & Curriculum

Get introduced to REST.
You will learn the following:

1. What is REST?

2. Why REST?

3. What are Abc's of REST like Request Header, Request Type, Query.

4. View a sample SharePoint REST request from Browser.

URL Construction

You will learn the following:

1. SharePoint REST Url Structure/Components

2. Request Headers for GET,POST,MERGE and DELETE type of requests

3. SharePoint REST Url on List Items and Files

REST Security

This session will help you understand the following:

1. Types of authentication for REST like User and App.

2. Behind the scenes with OAuth for REST in SharePoint.

3. How to get Access Token and use that to call SharePoint REST queries.

4. Postman app to connect to SharePoint.


You will a watch a preview of various Apps in SharePoint using REST api:

1. REST in PowerShell

2. REST app in SharePoint using Script Editor Web Part

3. REST SharePoint Hosted App

4. REST  in Workflow using SPD and Flow

5. REST  in Excel Chart

6. PHP App to read SharePoint

7. SharePoint Framework App 

Microsoft Graph

You will learn the following:

1. Basics of Microsoft Graph

2. Graph Explorer

3. View Site Details using Microsoft Graph



SharePoint Rest Development

Be confident in developing various apps in SharePoint using REST.

Career Path

Developer/Programmer Basic Level
Developer knowing how to read Rest Url
SharePoint Basics
Developer knowing to read JSON

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