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Diploma in Data Analysis

Diploma Course Price: USD 980 Diploma in Data Analysis

Courses included
MS Excel
Data Analysis in Python
Pentaho Data Integration Outline
Power BI
Google Analytics
Google Sheets
Tableau Desktop 10
Data Visualisation in R


Data analysts often find themselves tackling specific business tasks using accessible tools, systems, and data sets. They figure out what questions are being asked and see if those questions can be answered by data. A data analyst is kind of a data scientist who is often not accountable for creating the algorithms used for data discovery and acquirement.

A data analyst takes data and uses it to help companies make better trade decisions. A data analyst acquires information about specific topics and then interprets, analyzes, and presents findings in all-inclusive reports. Diverse types of businesses use data analysts to help collect and analyze data. As experts, data analysts are often called on to use their skills and gear to provide competitive analysts and identify trends within industries.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Data Analyst include:

•   Determining technical issues with collecting and analyzing data, and design reports.

•   Identifying new sources of data and methods to improve data collection, analysis, and reporting.

•   Collecting, analyzing, and reporting data to meet business needs.

•   Distinguishing trends and patterns. • Reporting data in a comprehensive and repeatable way. 

Career Track courses are specifically selected to help you gain the required core skills to follow a particular career track. The courses under the Data Analyst career track are hand-picked and designed to let you jump the bandwagon of growth in the data analysis field ultimately leading to a successful career even if you are starting as a beginner.

Uplatz will award you a Course Completion Certificate on successful completion of all the courses under the Data Analyst career track.