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Microsoft Azure Administrator / AZ-104

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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Microsoft Azure Administrator / AZ-104 course and certification
51 Learners

About this Course
Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification is one of the most widely-acknowledged courses from Microsoft for professionals worldwide. Individuals who enroll for this Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104) course will get a proper understanding of managing Azure subscriptions, securing identities, configuring virtual networking, managing network traffic, and others. This certification is ideal for Azure Administrators who monitor, manage and configure virtual networks in a cloud environment.

With every enterprise shifting its business solutions and services to the cloud, it is highly important for professionals to have knowledge of managing these services on platforms such as Microsoft Azure. It has the pre-requisites of having proficient in using PowerShell and the Command Line Interface. One should also have prior experience with Azure Portal, ARM templates, operating systems, virtualization, cloud infrastructure, storage structures, and networking. 

This Microsoft Azure Administrator course is for IT pros and administrators who keep tabs on cloud assets and resources and manage cloud infrastructure should seek this cert. This exam gets (mistakenly) regarded as an entry-level exam, but there’s a monster-truckload of assumed knowledge you’ll need to know to pass and not get your AZ handed to you.

Skills covered:

  • Configure Azure backups

  • Manage Microsoft Azure resource groups

  • Microsoft Azure subscription management

  • Create Azure file storage

  • Deploy Azure virtual machines

  • Manage Azure Active Directory

  • Implement Azure load balancer

On successful completion of the Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104) training, students will be awarded a Course Completion Certificate from Uplatz

Exam AZ-104 for Microsoft Azure Administrator is the updated version of Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-103. This exam will test the knowledge and capabilities of the candidates in the configuration and management of compute, storage, virtual networking, and monitoring in the Azure environment.An Azure Administrator is a subject matter expert (SME) who is responsible for implementing the Azure-based cloud infrastructure of an organization.

Areas Covered
Manage Azure AD objects, role-based access control (RBAC), and subscriptions and governance such as configuring Azure policies and resources Manage storage accounts and data in Azure storage, configure Azure files, Azure blob storage, and configure storage tiers for Azure blobs Configure VMs for high availability, scalability, and Automate deployment and configuration of VMs Create and configure VMs, containers, and web apps including app services and service plans Configure and manage virtual networking, backup, and monitor Azure resources


Microsoft Azure Administrator / AZ-104

Course Details & Curriculum

Course Outline

Module 1: Identity

In this module, you will learn how to secure identities with Azure Active Directory, and implement users and groups.


Azure Active Directory

Users and Groups


Module 2: Governance and Compliance

In this module, you will learn about managing your subscriptions and accounts, implementing Azure policies, and using Role-Based Access Control.


Subscriptions and Accounts

Azure Policy

Role-based Access Control (RBAC)


Module 3: Azure Administration

In this module, you will learn about the tools an Azure Administrator uses to manage their infrastructure. This includes the Azure Portal, Cloud Shell, Azure PowerShell, CLI, and Resource Manager Templates. This module includes:


Azure Resource Manager

Azure Portal and Cloud Shell

Azure PowerShell and CLI

ARM Templates


Module 4: Virtual Networking

In this module, you will learn about basic virtual networking concepts like virtual networks and subnetting, IP addressing, network security groups, Azure Firewall, and Azure DNS.


Virtual Networks

IP Addressing

Network Security groups

Azure Firewall

Azure DNS


Module 5: Intersite Connectivity

In this module, you will learn about intersite connectivity features including VNet Peering, Virtual Network Gateways, and Site-to-Site Connections.


VNet Peering

VPN Gateway Connections

ExpressRoute and Virtual WAN


Module 6: Network Traffic Management

In this module, you will learn about network traffic strategies including network routing and service endpoints, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Application Gateway, and Traffic Manager.


Network Routing and Endpoints

Azure Load Balancer

Azure Application Gateway

Traffic Manager


Module 7: Azure Storage

In this module, you will learn about basic storage features including storage accounts, blob storage, Azure files and File Sync, storage security, and storage tools.


Storage Accounts

Blob Storage

Storage Security

Azure Files and File Sync

Managing Storage


Module 8: Azure Virtual Machines

In this module, you will learn about Azure virtual machines including planning, creating, availability and extensions.


Virtual Machine Planning

Creating Virtual Machines

Virtual Machine Availability

Virtual Machine Extensions


Module 9: Serverless Computing

In this module, you will learn administer serverless computing features like Azure App Service, Azure Container Instances, and Kubernetes.


Azure App Service Plans

Azure App Service

Container Services

Azure Kubernetes Service


Module 10: Data Protection

In this module, you will learn about backing up files and folders, and virtual machine backups.


File and Folder Backups

Virtual Machine Backups


Module 11: Monitoring

In this module, you will learn about monitoring your Azure infrastructure including Azure Monitor, alerting, and log analytics.



Azure Monitor

Azure Alerts

Log Analytics

Network Watcher

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