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oracle apex

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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oracle apex course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course

Oracle APEX (Oracle Application Express) is a fully supported, rapid web and mobile application development framework included with the Oracle database at no additional cost.


Using just a web browser, you can build powerful and professional looking web and mobile applications that are robust, scalable, and secure, all with little programming experience.


As a growing number of organizations discover how simple and easy it is to build highly functional web and mobile applications with this powerful tool, hence the popularity of APEX has shot up in the last few years.


Some key features of Oracle APEX are:


a) Free (with Oracle database)


b) Easy to get started (all you need is a web browser)


c) You don’t need to be a programmer


d) Yan can focus on your problem (security, user management, access control, pagination and navigation all taken care within the APEX tool automatically)


e) You’ll be really productive (numerous wizards, templates, and built-in user interface components, popular icon and JavaScript libraries already integrated)


f) Your applications will look great (highly-configurable universal theme, responsive design templates, grid-layout for forms, and the ability to configure or choose from a number of pre-defined style and display options)


g) Great community support



oracle apex

Course Details & Curriculum

Overall topics:


1. APEX Basics - Application, Pages and Regions


2. APEX Regions - Forms, Reports, Charts


3. User Interface, Templates and Themes


4. Creating Mobile Application


5. APEX Advanced - Security and Performance




Detailed-level course content:


1. Workspace


2. SQL Workshop


3. Application Builder


4. Form


5. Form with Report


6. Master-Detail Form


7. Classic Report


8. Interactive Report


9. Interactive Grid


10. Charts


11. Menus


12. Tree Region


13. Authentication


14. Authorization


15. Public Page


16. Templates


17. Theme


18. JavaScript in APEX


19. Dynamic Action


20. Validation


21. Computation


22. Page Process


23. Branches


24. Custom Process


25. Default Value


26. Shared Library


27. List of Values


28. Application Properties


29. Page Zero (Page0)


30. Performance


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