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SAP ABAP for Freshers and Functional Consultants

50 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 350
SAP ABAP for Freshers and Functional Consultants course and certification
14 Learners

About this Course
ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a programming language for developing applications for the SAP R/3 system, a widely-installed business application subsystem. The latest version, ABAP Objects, is object-oriented programming.

SAP ABAP for Freshers and Functional Consultants

Course Details & Curriculum
1. Introduction to ABAP/4
 Introduction to ERP
 Introduction to SAP/3, ABAP/4
 ABAP Editor
 System Landscapes
i. 3 – Landscapes
ii. 4 – Landscapes
iii. 2 – Landscapes
 Data Types & Keywords
 Output Statements
 Arithmetic Operations
 Relational Operations
 Writing Small Programs
 String Operations
i. Translate
ii. Condense
iii. Concatenate
 Control Statements
 Selection Screens
i. Parameters
ii. Select-Options
 Open SQL Statements (Insert, Modify, Delete, Update)
 Simple Reporting
2. Transport Organizer & Package Builder
 Why to Transport?
 Creation of a Task
 What is a Transport Request?
 Releasing of Request
 Package Creation
3. Data Dictionary
 Creation of Database Tables
 Data Element & Data Domain
 Structures & Table Types
 Search Helps
i. Elementary Search Help
ii. Collective Search Help
 Creation of Views
i. Database View
ii. Projection View
iii. Maintenance View
iv. Help View
 Type Groups
 Creation of Foreign Keys
 Check & Value Tables
4. Reporting
 Debugging Techniques
 Pillars of ABAP
i. Work Area
ii. Internal Table
 Modularization Techniques
i. Sub-Routines
ii. Includes
iii. Function Modules
 For All Entries & Joins
 Events for Classical Reports
 Events for Interactive Reports
 Types of Messages & Message Class Creation
5. ABAP List Viewer
 Introduction to ABAP List Viewer
 Types of ABAP List Viewer
i. Function Module for List Display
ii. Function Module for Grid Display
iii. Interactive ALV (SLIS)
6. Interfaces
 Introduction to Cross Applications
 Working with RFC Function Modules
 Overview of Business Objects
 Creation of Business Objects
 Creation of BAPI
7. Conversion
 Why Data Transfer?
 Introduction to BDC
 Recording a Transaction
 Methods in BDC
i. Call Transaction
ii. Session Method
 Flat File Creation
 Uploading Data
 LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench)
8. Enhancements
 Introduction to Enhancements
 User Exits
 Customer Exits
 Introduction to BAdIs (Business Add Ins)
 Implementation of a BAdI
 Overview of Enhancement Spots, Enhancement Sections, Enhancement Implementations, Class Enhancements
9. Forms (Scripts & SMARTFORMS)
 Introduction to Scripts
 Layout Sets
 SAP Scripts Elements
 Logo Inclusions
 Working with SMARTFORMS
 Standard Text
 Graphics Managements
 Writing Print Programs & Designing Layouts
 Output Type Configuration to Standard Orders
10. Object Oriented ABAP
 Fundamentals of Object Orientation
 Introduction to Local Classes & Methods
 Importance of Access Specifiers
 Simple Reporting using Local Classes & Methods
 Introduction to Global Classes & Interfaces
 Uses of Global Classes in Reports
11. Module Pool Programming
 Introduction to Module Pool
 Flow Logic
i. PAI (Process After Input)
ii. PBO (Process Before Output)
 Screen Designing
 Programming in Object Browser
 Creation of Table Controls
 Dynamic Screens
i. Call Screen
ii. Set Screen
iii. Leave to Screen
iv. Leave Screen
12. Sales & Distribution Flow
 Sales Cycles
i. Inquiry
ii. Quotation
iii. Purchase Order (MM)
iv. Sales Order
v. Delivery
vi. Billing
vii. Returning Customer
Career Path

No Pre-requisites Needed for this course. A zeal to learn is the must-have component.

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