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SAP MM ( Material Management)

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 588
SAP MM ( Material Management)  course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course

SAP MM stand for Material Management, it is one of the important module of SAP logistics that deals with procurement, vendor master data and material resources of a company. In SAP, MM module records all the transactions that related to goods or materials on a regular basis.

SAP MM (Material Management) is a module of the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package that is used for Procurement Handling and Management. SAP MM is a material management tool that can help automate and streamline corporate Procurement Handling and Inventory Management (in other words it is about managing resources). Materials management is integrated with other modules such as SD, PP and QM.

SAP MM ( Material Management)

Course Details & Curriculum


                 SAP MM Course Details :-

                 Introduction to SAP

·         Discussion on ERP and other ERP clients in the market.

·         Comparison with SAP to other ERP clients and focusing on the points of SAP over
 other ERP clients.

·         Introduction to SAP screens and ways of calling the transaction Definition on
 Configuration and Customization.

Organization Structure


·         Definition on Organization elements Client Company Code Plant

·         Storage Location Purchasing Group.

·         Assignment of Organization elements and making of Organization structure.


Master Data in Material Management

·         Material Master Vendor Master Info Record Master Source List Master.

Procurement Cycle

·         Discussion of complete procurement cycle from Demand to Supply in real time


                 Purchase Requisition

·         Direct Purchase Requisition Indirect Purchase Requisition.

·         Configuration on Purchase Requisition.


·         Maintain Quotation Price Comparison.

Purchase Order

·         Standard Purchase Order.

·         Configuration on Document type Discussion on item category Subcontracting Purchase

·         Complete process discussion like creating Subcontracting PO, Goods Issue, GR..

·         Details of consumption of components with respective movement types.

·         Consignment Purchase Order.

·         Complete process execution like PO creation, GR and settlement. Stock Transport

·         Intra-Stock STO with MM route Intra-Stock STO with Delivery Inter-Stock STO.

·         Services Order.

·         Complete process execution.

Pricing Procedure

·         Condition Techniques Access Sequence.

·         Pricing determination process Schema determination.

Release Procedures

·         Edit Characteristics Edit Classes Release Procedures Release Group Release Code
 Release Indicator Release Strategy Work Flow


·         Value Contracts Quantity Contracts

Schedule Agreements

·         Schedule Agreements without Release profile Schedule Agreements with Release


Inventory Management


·         Goods Receipts

·         Goods Issues

·         Transfer Posting

·         Movement Type Creation

                 Automatic Account Determination (MM-FI)

·         Valuation Class

·         Account Category Reference

·         Account Postings

Split Valuation

·         Valuation Type

·         Configuration related to Split Valuation


Automatic PO process

·         Configuration on automatic PO



Career Path

    • SAP MM consultants
    • SAP MM Plant Maintenance analyst
    • Purchase Executive
    • SAP MM functional Configurator
    • Sap End User
    • SAP Functional Analyst in MM
    • Team Leader
    • Material Manager

Job Prospects

  • SAP MM consultants
  • SAP MM Plant Maintenance analyst
  • Purchase Executive
  • SAP MM functional Configurator
  • Sap End User
  • SAP Functional Analyst in MM
  • Team Leader
  • Material Manager 

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