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SAP COPA and Product Costing

5 Hours
Self-paced Training (pre-recorded videos)
USD 17 (GBP 100)
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SAP COPA and Product Costing course and certification
285 Learners

About this Course

SAP CO - Profitability Analysis (COPA) acts as a strategic tool and enable businesses to evaluate profits and analyse the market segment classified as products, customers, sales area, business area, etc. It provides sales, marketing, product management with valuable market information and helps in internal accounting and in decision making. It supports and optimizes all processes in an organization. SAP CO Profitability Analysis is available in two forms:  Account-based and Cost based.

SAP CO-PA has a feature of defining master data in accordance with requirements, the flow of actual values and allows users to create sales and profit plan. The key components of SAP CO-PA are actual costing, information system and planning.

This SAP CO Profitability Analysis course by Uplatz provides comprehensive knowledge on the end to end process involved in SAP COPA. This training will help you to master in analysing market segment and profitability analysis in great details.


SAP COPA and Product Costing

Course Details & Curriculum

1) Intro – Profitability Analysis


·         Introduction to Controlling and Management Reporting


·         Introduction to COPA


·         Gross Profit and Net Profit Margin Analysis


·         Cost Components and Analysis


·         Multi-Dimensional Analysis


·         Assessment of the topic




2) COPA Technical Setup


·         COPA Table Structures


·         OLTP – Link to Transactional Data


·         OLAP – Link to Data-warehousing


·         Working with SAP Operating Concern Templates




3) Configuring Costing-Based CO-PA


·         Types of COPA Modules


·         Costing-based CO-PA versus Account-based CO-PA


·         Creating Characteristics and Value Fields


·         Maintaining an Operating Concern


·         Accessing and Creating Operating Concerns


·         Creating User-defined Value Fields and Characteristics


·         Defining Profitability Segments and CO-PA Exceptions


·         Operating Concern Attributes


·         Org structure -Controlling Area and Operating Concern


·         Assigning a Company Code to a Controlling Area


·         Checking the Current Profitability Analysis Activation


·         Import Operating Concern


·         Performing CO-PA Transports


·         Automatic Transport or Manual Transport


·         Client-specific and Cross-client Settings




4) Master Data in CO-PA


·         Components of Master Data Menus in CO-PA


·         Maintaining Characteristic Values


·         Define Characteristics Hierarchy


·         Creating Characteristic Derivations and Derivation Rules


·         Customer Master Values


·         Product Master Values




5) COPA Integration with SD


·         Pricing Procedure and Conditions


·         Condition Mapping to Value Fields


·         Handling of sign / –


·         Prevention of Values




6) COPA – Product Costing


·         Concept of Valuation


·         Configure Cost Components


·         Cost Estimation for COPA Access


·         Configure Standard Cost Access




7) Flows of Actual Values into CO-PA


·         Overview of values from all other modules


·         Transfer of Incoming Sales Orders – Record – A


·         Transfer of Billing Documents – Record – F


·         Order and Project Settlement – Record – C


·         Define PA Transfer Structure for Settlement


·         Direct Posting from FI/ MM – Record – B


·         Maintain PA Transfer Structure for Direct Postings


·         Automatic Account Assignment


·         Settlement of Production Variances


·         Transfer of Overhead


·         Assessment of Topic




8) CO-PA Reporting: Basics


·         CO-PA Reporting Scenarios


·         Working with Reports in CO-PA


·         Report Types – Basic and Line Items


·         Working with Forms


·         Assessment of Topic


·         Predefining Headers and Footers


·         Other Elements


·         Defining Variables in Reports


·         Creating Frozen Reports


·         Key Figure Schemes


·         Assessment of Topic




9) Working with Account-Based CO-PA


·         Need for Account-Based COPA


·         Defining Cost Elements for CO-PA


·         Set the type of COPA


·         Controlling Areas and Account-Based CO-PA


·         Currencies and Account-Based CO-PA


·         Actual Data Flow and Data Transfer


·         Profitability Analysis Reports


·         Assessment of Cost Center Costs


·         Order and Project Settlement


·         Reconcile between Costing Based and Account Based




10) Introduction to Costing based CO-PA Planning


·         Introduction – Costing Based CO-PA Planning


·         The Framework of Corporate Planning


·         A First Look at the CO-PA Planning Framework


·         Number Ranges for Planning Data


·         Maintaining Versions


·         Planning with the CO-PA Planning Framework


·         Planning Levels


·         Planning Package


·         Working with Planning Methods


·         The Report Painter and CO-PA Planning Layouts


·         Planning Profiles


·         Basic Planning Methods CO-PA Planning Framework


·         Enter Planning Data


·         Display Planning Data


·         Copy


·         Forecast


·         Valuation


·         Revaluation


·         Ratios


·         Delete


·         Planning Sequences




11) Introduction to Account based CO-PA Planning


·         Introduction – Account Based CO-PA Planning


·         The Framework of Corporate Planning


·         A First Look at the CO-PA Planning Framework


·         Number Ranges for Planning Data


·         Maintaining Versions


·         Planning with the CO-PA Planning Framework


·         Integration with other modules


·         User Exits and Special functions 1 Partner Function


·         Inter-Company Profit elimination


·         MM Integration


·         Material Ledger Integration with COPA


·         User Exits used in COPA

Career Path

The Profitability analyst draws an average salary of $99,035 per year depending on the knowledge and hands-on experience. The Profitability analyst job roles are in high demand and make a rewarding career.


The Profitability analyst are recognized across the globe. The increased usage of the SAP COPA strategies in many companies help the participants to find a job opportunity easily. The leading companies hire Profitability analyst considering the skill of taking a decision in sales and marketing in an organization. The Learners earn most beneficial SAP COPA completion certification through our expert training and course curriculum.


The SAP COPA course is targeted to project manager, IT support and application consultants and excel as Profitability Analyst.


The following are the job titles:


·       Business Analyst


·       Profit Analyst


·       Finance Analyst


·       Data Analyst


·       SAP Consultant


The SAP COPA online course provides you with an opportunity to explore career opportunities as SAP COPA Analyst or Profit Analyst.


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