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Oracle Commerce: Administering Your Content Environment Rel 11.1

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 2800
 Oracle Commerce: Administering Your Content Environment Rel 11.1 course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course

This Oracle Commerce: Administering Your Content Environment Rel 11.1 training builds on what you learned in the Configuring and Deploying an Oracle ATG Web Commerce Site Rel 10.2 course. It teaches you how to establish a Content Administration server for an application, set up versioned modules and repositories and manage repository and file-based assets.

Course Objective

  • Manage scenarios, targeters, slots, content groups, profile groups, and file assets through Oracle Commerce Content Administration
  • Configure and manage Guided Search indexing after deployments
  • Configure and initialize deployment targets
  • Manage deployments
  • Debug and troubleshoot deployments
  • Determine the right approach for viewing changes before Production Deployment
  • Set Content Administration and Merchandising security access
  • Deploy new and changed assets to the staging and production environments
  • Create versioned modules
  • Convert custom Oracle Commerce repositories to versioned repositories
  • Create XML deployment topology files for portability in clusters
Target Audience

  • Implementer
  • Systems Administrator

Oracle Commerce: Administering Your Content Environment Rel 11.1

Course Details & Curriculum

1.      Introduction to Your Content Environment

·       Overview of Oracle Commerce Content Administration (CA)

·       Oracle Commerce tools

·       Content Administration architecture

·       Key concepts: Project, Workflow, Check-in, Deployment

2.      Configuring Your Content Environment

·       Configuring metadata repositories

·       Configuring application modules on a CA Server

·       Configuring versioned repositories

·       Exporting data from non-versioned repositories

·       Importing data to versioned repositories

·       Viewing repository assets

3.      Setting CA and Merchandising Security Access

·       BCC and ACC security

·       Merchandising access control

·       Secured repositories

4.      Configuring the XML Deployment Topology

·       Creating the XML deployment topology

·       Importing the topology

·       Initializing target sites

5.      Using Workflows

·       Asset lifecycle

·       Project interactions

·       Default workflow

6.      Managing File Assets

·       File assets

·       Versioned file assets architecture

·       Importing existing files using the Repository Loader

·       Managing and deploying file assets

7.      Managing Deployment

·       How deployment works

·       Deployment types and modes

·       Selective cache invalidation

·       Configuring repositories for deployment

·       Direct SQL deployment

·       Managing deployments in the BCC

8.      Managing Guided Search and Experience Manager Content

·       Guided Search and Experience Manager overview

·       Manual and scheduled indexing

·       Triggered Indexing

·       Content promotion

9.      Viewing Assets Before Production Deployment

·       Staging deployment

·       One-off deployment targets

·       Preview server

·       Pros and cons of the different approaches

·       Experience Manager preview

10.   Debugging and Troubleshooting Deployment

·       Handling rollbacks and recovery

·       Debugging failed deployments

·       Troubleshooting indexing issues

11.   Appendix A: Single Sign On and Business Tool Links

·       Links between the BCC and Workbench

·       Single Sign On (SSO) in Oracle Commerce

12.   Appendix B: Site Access Control

·       Setting up internal user access control by sites



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