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Presentation Skills

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 2800
Presentation Skills course and certification
214 Learners

About this Course

Whether selling or sharing, effective presentation skills can enhance the likelihood of a successful outcome. In many business roles today, outstanding presentation skills have become a core competency for achieving key goals and influencing the decisions and actions of others. At the same time, many surveys rank delivering presentations at or near the top of most feared activities. Learning effective presentation skills can help make your presentations more memorable and successful, and reduce the tension that often accompanies preparation and delivery.

The Presentation Skills program provides the skills and the methods to improve the planning, structuring and delivery of formal and informal presentations for productive outcomes.

Group size is limited to eight. Participants are asked to bring a sample of a recent report or proposal, or a topic for a report or proposal due in the near future.


Course Objective

  • Structure your presentation to achieve your objectives and keep your audience engaged
  • Reach your audience by setting communication objectives and analyzing audience needs and attitudes
  • Utilize and manage eight key elements of effective delivery for presentations that deliver impact
  • Illustrate your presentations using various text-based and graphical methods and understanding the strengths and limitations of each
  • Identify obstacles to successful presentation outcomes and develop solutions to overcome these
  • Use a six-step model to handle questions during your presentation
  • Respond to informational questions
  • Manage hostile questions tactfully

Target Audience

Those who want to develop or improve their presentation planning and delivery skills


Presentation Skills

Course Details & Curriculum

1. Benefits for the Individual

  • Improved capabilities for planning and structuring presentations based on audience needs and attitudes
  • Enhanced skill in using delivery techniques and strategies that hold audience attention
  • More effective use of presentation tools and aids
  • Greater confidence and ability in handling questions or objections
  • Reduced time required to prepare powerful presentations

2. Benefits for the organization

  • Skilled presenters who can communicate more clearly and influence others
  • Members who can think on their feet, handle questions and overcome objections
  • Better results and goal attainment inside and outside the organization
  • Improved professionalism of internal

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