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GDPR Awareness eLearning

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
Save 50% Offer ends on 31-Jul-2024
GDPR Awareness eLearning course and certification
150 Learners

About this Course
On the 25th May 2018, efforts to enforce the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) began. Although many businesses seeking to comply will have worked hard to meet this date, undertakings to educate and raise awareness will, by necessity, continue for many years afterward.

This short course offers the basic concepts and ideas behind the GDPR, and has been designed to brief decision-makers with enough knowledge to continue the conversation in their own organizations.

Target Audience

Anyone who comes into contact with personal data in their day-to-day activities.
It will be especially relevant to marketing, sales, HR and IT departments in businesses both big and small. Indeed anyone looking to understand the basics of the GDPR will find that this course covers what they need to know


GDPR Awareness eLearning

Course Details & Curriculum
The GDPR Overview course is made up of 8 lessons. The course is accessed online, giving you the opportunity to study at your own pace, and in your preferred location. It has been specifically built to be viewed on multiple devices. Features include text and video, and brief quizzes to check your knowledge.

All the latest guidance has been included, including the recent publications from the Article 29 Working Party and the UK’s ICO.

Five key benefits
1. Briefs and prepares leadership and decision-makers
2. The GDPR is explained in simple and straightforward language
3. Only the minimum necessary knowledge contained
4. Mobile friendly: study on your phone, tablet or laptop
5. Enables decision-makers to engage in further discussions with specialists

Course Syllabus

Lesson 1: Introduction
• Welcome
• The Data Protection Directive (DPD)
• GDPR – Recognizing Advances in Technology
• GDPR – Recognizing Advances in Consumer Rights

Lesson 2: The Basics
• Important Dates
• The Scope

Lesson 3: Personal Data
• Personal Data
• Special Categories of Data
• Pseudonymized Data

Lesson 4: The Roles
• The Roles
• Data Subject
• Data Controller
• Data Processor
• Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Lesson 5: GDPR Principles
• GDPR Principles
• Principle One: Processed Lawfully, Fairly and Transparently
• Principle Two: Collected for Specified, Explicit and Legitimate Purposes
• Principle Three: Adequate, Relevant and limited to what is Necessary for Processing
• Principle Four: Accurate and Kept Up-to-date
• Principle Five: Kept in a Form that Allows the Identification of Data Subjects only as Long as Necessary
• Principle Six: Processed in a Manner that Ensures its Security
• Accountability

Lesson 6: The Data Subject’s Rights
• The Data Subject’s Rights
• The Right to Information
• The Right to Access
• The Right to Rectification
• The Right to Erasure
• The Right to Restrict Processing

Lesson 7: The Lawful Bases for Processing
• Lawful Processing
• Contractual Necessity
• Legitimate Interest
• Consent
• Other Legal Bases
• The Liabilities and Penalties

Lesson 8: Privacy Notices
• Privacy Notice Rules under the GDPR
• Privacy Notices – Why?
• Privacy Notices – What?
• Privacy Notices – Where?
• Privacy Notices – When?
• Privacy Notices – How?

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