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Serverless Data Lake on AWS

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
GBP 2000
Serverless Data Lake on AWS course and certification
110 Learners

About this Course

Building a Serverless Data Lake is a one-day Advanced Boot Camp where you'll learn how to design, build, and operate a serverless Data Lake solution with AWS services. The Bootcamp deals with issues such as capturing and securely and long-term storage of large amounts of data from any data source to create the right conditions for using the right tool to process large amounts of data and to understand the options available for near real-time data analysis.


Course Objective

  • Collect large amounts of data with services like Kinesis Streams and Firehose and store data securely and long term in Amazon Simple Storage Service.
  • Create a metadata index of your data lake.
  • Choose the best tools to capture, store, process, and analyze your data in Data Lake.
  • Applying the knowledge in hands-on labs where hands-on experience can be gained by building a complete solution.

Course Description

Building a Serverless Data Lake on AWS online course is a supportive course offered to operate serverless data lake solution with AWS. Building a Serverless Data Lake on AWS online course intention is to demonstrate and choose right tool to secure large amount of data.

Building a Serverless Data Lake on AWS online course will allow the participants to implement the knowledge towards hands-on labs that provide practical experience for building an end-to-end solution

Building Serverless Data Lake on AWS online course is ideally developed for data developer Professionals who wants to gain more knowledge on operational systems of AWS and bulk data storage. 

In the Building Serverless Data Lake on AWS online training course, Uplatz provides an in-depth online training for the participants or learners to implement data movement from real time sources and varied data centers. Uplatz provides appropriate teaching and expertise training to equip the participants for implementing the learnt concepts in an enterprise.

Building Serverless Data Lake on AWS online training course curriculum covers storing data securely, different types of analytics, machine learning, Data movement, amazon glacier, AWS glue.

With the help of Building Serverless Data Lake on AWS online course, the learners can:

  • Handle large amounts of data, using services such as Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, and save the data durably and securely in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

  • To create a metadata index of your data lake

  • To select the best tools for ingesting, storing, processing, and analysing your data in the lake

  • Manage Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) to audit, monitor, and receive event notifications about activities in the data warehouse

  • To be aware about operational tasks, such as resizing Amazon Redshift clusters and using snapshots to back up and restore clusters

  • Make use of business intelligence (BI) application to perform data analysis and visualization tasks in your data

Uplatz provides an in-depth training to the learners to accelerate their knowledge and skill set required for a Data lake architect.

Target Audience

  • Solutions Architects

  • Big Data Developer

  • Data Architects and Analysts

  • Other data analysis experts


Serverless Data Lake on AWS

Course Details & Curriculum
  • The key services for building a serverless Data Lake architecture

  • A data analysis solution that addresses the capture, storage, processing, and analysis workflows

  • Repeatable deployment of templates to implement a Data Lake solution

  • Create a metadata index and enable search

  • Set up a large data transfer pipeline for multiple data sources

  • Data transformation using simple functions triggered by events

  • Data processing using the appropriate tools and services for the application

  • Available options for optimized analysis of processed data

  • Best practices for deployment and operations

Career Path

Building Serverless Data Lake on AWS online certification course with the help of expert professionals training is recognized across the globe. Because of the increased adoption of the data storage and security in various companies the participants are able to find the job opportunity easily. The leading companies hire data lake architect considering their skill of understanding large data management and services. Building Serverless Data Lake on AWS online certification course is known for their mastering in implementing analysis and virtualization. After pursuing Building Serverless Data Lake on AWS online certification course the participants can become as a solution architect, Data analysis associate, Data analysts, Data architect and can pursue a wide range of career paths.


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