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Fusion Applications R8: Provision Identity Management

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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Fusion Applications R8: Provision Identity Management course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course

This Fusion Applications R8: Provision Identity Management training is based on Fusion Applications Release 8, and is a prerequisite for Fusion Applications R8: Installation and Patching. The course trains you to setup Oracle Identity Management for Fusion Applications using the Identity Management Provisioning Wizard.

Course Objective

  • Install Oracle Database 11g and configure Identity Management schema
  • Install the Identity Management Provisioning Framework
  • Create an Identity Management Provisioning Profile
  • Provision an Identity Management environment
  • Validate the provisioned environment
  • Create the Identity Management properties file for use in Fusion Applications provisioning
  • Describe the procedure to implement server migration
  • Perform start / stop of the Identity Management environment
  • Perform backup of the Identity Management environment
Target Audience

  • Administrator
  • Implementer
  • Network Administrator
  • System Integrator
  • Systems Administrator

Fusion Applications R8: Provision Identity Management

Course Details & Curriculum

1.     Fusion Applications Identity and Access Management Overview

·       Fusion Applications Security

·       Role based access control

·       Directory Services overview

·       Identity and Policy stores

·       Identity Management

·       Access Management

·       Single Sign-On

2.     Identity Management topology

·       About the Directory Tier

·       About the Application Tier

·       Single Domain and Split Domain Topologies

·       About the Web Tier

·       Hardware Requirements for an Enterprise Deployment

·       Virtual server names and IP

·       Preparing the File System for an Enterprise Deployment

3.     Setting up Databases for Identity Management

·       Install and create a database

·       Create a database using DBCA

·       Setup database initialization parameters

·       Create schemas using Repository Creation Utility

4.     Preparing for Provisioning Identity Management

·       Assembling Information for Identity Management Provisioning

·       Creating an Oracle Fusion Applications Provisioning Repository

·       Verifying Java

·       Installing the IDM Provisioning Wizard

·       Checking Port Availability

·       Running the Identity Management Provisioning Wizard to Create a Profile

·       Update User Names in Provisioning Response File

5.     Provisioning Identity Management

·       Introduction to the Provisioning Process

·       Provisioning Procedure

·       Check List and Post-Provisioning Configuration

·       Updating Oracle HTTP Server Runtime Parameters

·       Adding SOA Locations to Web Tier

·       Creating ODSM Connections to Oracle Virtual Directory

·       Post-Provisioning Steps for OIM and OAM

·       Passing Configuration Properties File to Oracle Fusion Applications

6.     Validating Provisioning

·       Validating the Administration Server

·       Validating the Oracle Access Manager Configuration

·       Validating Oracle Directory Services Manager (ODSM)

·       Validating Oracle Identity Manager

·       Validating WebGate and the Oracle Access Manager Single Sign-On Setup

7.     Configuring Server Migration

·       Overview of Server Migration for an Enterprise Deployment

·       Setting Up the Server Migration Leasing

·       Creating a Multi Data Source

·       Setting Up Node Manager for Server Migration

·       Setting Environment and Superuser Privileges

·       Configuring Server Migration Targets

·       Testing the Server Migration

·       Backing Up the Server Migration Configuration



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