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Oracle Smart View for Office 11.1.2 for Essbase

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 2800
Oracle Smart View for Office 11.1.2 for Essbase course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course
In this course, you learn how to use Oracle Smart View, a common Microsoft Office(Excel, Word and PowerPoint) add-in to query, analyze, and share data stored in Essbase databases. In this course you learn how to connect to data sources and create ad-hoc queries and free-form grids.

Course Objective
  • Explain the multidimensional analysis and database outline hierarchy
  • Create ad hoc queries and advanced reports in Smart View
  • Set Smart View Options
  • Use Smart Query and Query Designer
  • Embed dynamic data points into Microsoft Office documents
  • Create reports with smart slices
Target Audience
  • Developer
  • End User

Oracle Smart View for Office 11.1.2 for Essbase

Course Details & Curriculum
  • Introduction to Smart View
    • Multi-Dimensional Analysis Overview
    • Smart View Architecture
    • Smart View Excel User Interface
    • Connecting to Data Sources
  • Creating Ad Hoc Analysis Reports
    • Creating Ad Hoc Grids
    • Performing Ad Hoc Operations in Multiple Cells
    • Creating Member Selections
    • Associating Data Sources with Worksheets
    • Creating Multiple Grids on One Worksheet
    • Creating Free-form Grids
    • Working with the Essbase Ribbon
    • Working with Document Contents Pane
  • Setting Smart View Options
    • Setting Global and Sheet-Level Options
    • Setting Data Navigation and Retrieval Options
    • Setting Number and Cell Formatting Options
    • Setting Administrative Options
    • Displaying Aliases for Member Names
  • Creating Advanced Reports
    • Creating Queries using Query Designer
    • Creating a Smart Query
    • Creating Reports using Functions
    • Executing MDX Queries
    • Retrieving Data for DTS Members
    • Retrieving Data for Attribute Dimensions
    • Working with Excel Formulas
    • Replacing Data with Numeric Zeroes or Text
  • Working with Smart Slices
    • Creating Reports with Smart Slices

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