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Configuring and Deploying an Oracle ATG Web Commerce Site Rel 10.2

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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Configuring and Deploying an Oracle ATG Web Commerce Site Rel 10.2 course and certification
318 Learners

About this Course

In this hands-on course, you will learn the core skills required by an ATG Administrator to design and implement a fully functioning ATG site. You will get to practice installing ATG, setting up required databases, configuring an ATG application for a production environment, and deploying staging, production and administration servers.

Course Objective

  • Design a multi-host site topology
  • Deploy a custom Commerce application
  • Set up ATG databases
  • Prepare a site for launch
  • Integrate ATG with a Java EE application server
  • Monitor active site components
  • Configure Commerce and Content Administration Servers
Target Audience

  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Administrator.

Configuring and Deploying an Oracle ATG Web Commerce Site Rel 10.2

Course Details & Curriculum

1.       Getting Started with ATG

·       The ATG Project Lifecycle

·       ATG Concept Overview

·       Installing ATG

2.       Planning Your ATG Site

·       Understanding ATG server types

·       Planning server clusters

·       Creating a site plan

3.       Setting Up ATG Databases

·       Installing required schemas

·       Importing initial data

·       Introduction to the Configuration and Installation Manager (CIM) tool

4.       Configuring ATG Servers

·       Using CIM

·       Creating a server configuration folder

·       Implementing your site plan

5.       Configuring ATG Components

·       Creating properties files

·       Configuration layering

·       Configuring a backup server lock manager

6.       Assembling and Deploying a Commerce Application

·       Java EE overview

·       Assembling Enterprise Archives (EARs)

·       Deploying EARS on Oracle WebLogic

·       Starting ATG servers on WebLogic

7.       Configuring a Distributed Site

·       Configuring host specific ATG services

·       Assembly options and standalone mode

·       Using WebLogic Node Manager with ATG servers

8.       Setting up a Cluster

·       Understanding application server clustering

·       Configuring session backup

·       Setting up configuration groups

9.       ATG and Coherence

·       ATG and Coherence

·       ATG Repository External Caching

·       Configuring ATG as a Coherence Client

10.    Asset Management

·       Content Administration overview

·       Setting up data sources for import

·       Importing initial assets

·       Defining an asset deployment topology

11.    Monitoring, Testing and Deploying

·       Using ATG Administration Console

·       Using ATG monitoring and load testing tools

·       Understanding log files and stack traces



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