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AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional) Training

30 Hours
Online Instructor-led Training
USD 1399 (USD 2800)
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AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional) Training course and certification
41 Learners

About this Course
The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam examines your ability to make judgments in difficult scenarios, struggle with sub-optimal trade-offs, and extract minute information from pages of text, in addition to your understanding of the AWS platform. All of this is meticulously intended to allow only individuals with real, multi-dimensional knowledge of cloud infrastructures to call themselves Professional Certified Solutions Architects.

This Amazon Web Services Cloud Architect Certification Course will teach you all you need to know about Amazon Web Services (AWS). You will learn about AWS architecture concepts and services in this class also to learn how to design and deploy highly scalable and fault-tolerant applications on AWS, implement AWS security and testing and become an expert in AWS components such as S3 and CloudFormation.

Uplatz's AWS Solutions Architect professional certification course will ensure that you pass the AWS test with ease. This course will cover all of your bases, regardless of your personal learning approach, including visual animations, architectural schematics, and hands-on tasks. This hands-on-oriented Learning Path includes interactive content composed of hands-on labs, video lectures, and a preparatory test to help you prepare for the AWS Solutions Architect - Professional Certification. This training material was specifically crafted to assist you in preparing for the AWS certification. The certification requires the applicant to demonstrate their ability to build and implement AWS solutions for a variety of situations while adhering to AWS best practices. Candidates for the AWS Solution Architect Professional Certification must be familiar with architecting, securing, migrating, optimizing, and managing complete production operations on AWS.
The AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam is quickly becoming one of the most prestigious and well-known credentials in the IT world. It's also a challenging exam to pass. This credential is highly popular since many organizations have their data and apps in the cloud or are planning to transfer them there, and they want employees who can solve enterprise-level complicated applications and to do that AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professionals make about 120 thousand US dollars a year.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional) Training

Course Details & Curriculum
Topic 1: Design for organization complexity
- Determine cross-account authentication and access strategy for complex organizations
- Determine how to design networks for complex organizations
- Determine how to design a multi-account AWS environment for complex organizations
Topic 2: Design for new solutions 
- Determine security requirements and controls when designing and implementing a solution
- Determine a solution design and implementation strategy to meet reliability requirements.
- Determine a solution design to ensure business continuity.
- Determine a solution design to meet performance objectives
- Determine a deployment strategy to meet business requirements when designing and implementing a solution.
Topic 3: Migration planning
- Select existing workloads and processes for a potential migration to the cloud.
- Select migration tools and/or services for new and migrated solutions based on detailed AWS knowledge.
- Determine a new cloud architecture for an existing solution.
- Determine a strategy for migrating existing on-premises workloads to the cloud.
Topic 4: Cost control
- Select a cost-effective pricing model for a solution.
- Determine which controls to design and implement that will ensure cost optimization.
- Identify opportunities to reduce cost in an existing solution.
Topic 5: Continuous improvement for existing solutions
- Troubleshoot solution architectures.
- Determine a strategy to improve an existing solution for operational excellence.
- Determine a strategy to improve the reliability of an existing solution.
- Determine a strategy to improve the performance of an existing solution.
- Determine a strategy to improve the security of an existing solution.
- Determine how to improve the deployment of an existing solution.
AWS Certification

Course Completion Certificate

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