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SQL Programming crash course

Sun 25-Nov-2018 09:00 GMT - Fri 25-Jan-2019 15:00 GMT
78 Attendees
1 Day 2 Months
Online Event
USD 140 SQL Programming crash course course and certification

SQL Programming crash course

Event Details
Master SQL programming skills in 1 day.

Topics to be covered -

1) What is SQL (Structured Query Language)?
2) Why it is important to learn SQL?
3) Getting started
4) DDL statements
5) DML statements
6) Writing simple queries
7) Joins
8) Sub queries
9) Writing complex queries
10) Analytical functions
11) Optimizing the queries
12) Solving real-world problems
13) Stored procedures, Functions, Triggers
14) Creating batch jobs and ETL flow
15) Assignments and Exercises
16) Conclusion (Q&A)
17) Making a career with SQL skills!
Live Online Event
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Start Date and Time
Sun 25-Nov-2018 09:00 GMT
End Date and Time
Fri 25-Jan-2019 15:00 GMT
Event Organizer
Uplatz Elite Tutor
Prerequisites and Special Instructions
All participants will be provided a "Certificate of attending the event".
SQL and PL-SQL SQL Programming

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